I’ve been “On Edge,” as I wrote in the last post.  I’m sure you’ve all felt “on the edge” at some time before too.   One good thing about looking at things from the edge, is that you can turn around and look off in another direction:

Et respondens centurio, ait: Domine, non sum dignus ut intres sub tectum meum: sed tantum dic verbo, et sanabitur puer meus.


“Domine, non sum dignus. .  .”   Three times every Sunday we say these words first spoken by the centurion who asked Jesus to cure his daughter….but it was not necessary to come all the way to his house to effect the cure….and besides,  the centurion did not feel worthy that Jesus should “enter his house.”     “I am not worthy  (non sum dignus).”

(There is a good reason why “three” times  but that’s for another time.)

The words are from the Bible (Mt. 8:8), and that particular passage was our Gospel reading for today.   Of all the readings and verses from today that I thought the sermon could be about,  I was surprised that this one was chosen.

Surprised and edified.

Because I had always been focused on the “I am not worthy.”    A  “worthy”  thought,   but it also keeps me stuck on “me;”    seeing the story from “my” perspective.   We were instructed in our sermon today to see it from the point of view of Jesus.

Jesus the carpenter.

house bilding

Of course, the “house” is not the structure we live in.   It is our Self.    Our life, our soul, our hearts.    What a mess we can make of the “house”  we have!

Come into our house?  All we can think is, “No, Lord.   Not me.  Not my house.   It’s not ready for you.  It’s not . . . worthy.”

Of course,  He’s the carpenter.  He can see that.   But can you imagine, with a carpenter’s heart,  how much He’d like to come in and rebuild, repair, make the “house” all clean and new again!

Just like the problem in the centurion’s house, the sickness there,   Jesus did not have to go physically to the house because this is not a story about material things, it’s about spiritual things.   Jesus fixed the house,  cleared it of the sickness that was there.

He has this power.   He is the “carpenter”  for us.    And as I look out over the world from my “edginess,”  I know He is the carpenter in charge of the cleansing and the rebuilding and the timing of it all.

To know that we are not worthy is to let Him be in charge.   Come into my house.  (Please.)


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