“He who controls the past defines the present.   He who defines the present controls the future.”

The socialist Soviet Republic has an unpredictable past.”


People in the West have, for the past three thousand years,  known something about governing that we don’t talk much about today.  Oh, some people still know and understand the political wisdom of these past millennia,  but those people just aren’t given a public voice in Western media anymore.

So, since this seems to be a week of metaphors,  I thought I’d post these photos of a kind of related “living” metaphor which I found myself in recently.


Brrrrr…it’s cold in the parking lot on my way into the building where we hold our classes.    I just meant to record the size of that snow bank,  but afterwards I noticed the state capitol building in the background.

When I saw the photo again,  I thought how interesting it is that the church building where we hold our Bible study classes stand next to the building in which civic affairs are determined.

I had also turned around, noticing the lovely light coming through the stained glass windows in the darkness.    SAMSUNG

And there I stood between the two:   state and church.   I, the human entity between the “state”  that has been there for about a couple hundred years;  and on the other side,  the Church, that has been there for about a couple thousand years.

And the three thousand year wisdom?   That natural and divine law is the foundation for the exercise of civil authority.   Any state without natural and divine law is like a body without a soul.    (Dead, and decaying.)

There is no restraint, then, upon the Rulers.    A governing force like that is monstrous, capricious, and dictatorial, ruling through personal force and persuasion.    The illusions of peace, prosperity,  the appearance of individual freedom are only rewards handed out to friends – for as long as they be considered friends.

So, the age-old Western wisdom, from Ancient Greece through to today,  has an easily understood premise:   God the Creator fixes the natural laws of the universe, of the natural world,  and of society which exists within the natural world.   This the Greek philosophers knew.    The Son of God, comes into this world, creates a Church in harmony with natural and social laws.    This christianity knew.   And governments in the West became stable and strong under the guidance of the Church.     That is,  all rulers are subject to a higher power, as are all citizens.   This Christendom knew.

Now,  suppress this knowledge.  Vilify the past!   Let our Rulers get out from under any restraining hand —

Well, our present Rulers are quick to claim that “History is written by the victors.”    We believe them, and we let them get away with ruling us without regard to natural laws and enduring social principles.

“He who controls the past defines the present.   He who defines the present controls the future.”

History is not fiction.

I see changes coming.    Like the oft-shown metaphor from the Vatican this week,   the black bird and the white bird attacking the ’60s Pacifist Dream Dove,   I see younger people rising up and questioning  the proposed godless utopia  presided over by powerful self-serving Rulers of no particular principles.    These younger thinkers,   thinking new thoughts about ancient wisdom,  are beginning to make a lot of sense.


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