We celebrate a very special event today on our calendar:  and with this day we leave the season of Christmas.  We do our best to offer our prayers today with as much beauty as we can.


Beauty and order is a physical extension of our desire to offer our very best.


This “event” today is called either The Purification of Mary or The Presentation of the Child Jesus.   It is a ritual which affirms that the firstborn son of any Jewish mother belongs to God and must be presented to the Temple.   This two-fold ceremony requires a sacrifice for the ending of the new mother’s ritual and temporary separation from Religious activity;  and it requires a small (token) price to be paid to (buy back), in a sense,  the firstborn son from the Temple.

(For those who know the ceremony of  Pidyon  HaBen):

Pidyon HaBen

In summary:  the mother brings her firstborn son to the Temple and presents him to God.  

The meanings of these rituals are rich and deep, and we must take care not to reject their significance because the “language” of ritual purification and sacrifice is strange to us.  Christianity fulfills the  meaning of these rituals.   We don’t make the rules and we cannot arrogate to ourselves the right to reject them.


We know in this case the mother is Mary and she is the Mother of God, which is the same as saying “the Mother of the Son of God.”   And this Son, of God we know, has taken on our human nature.

Therefore, one of the deep mysteries of this day’s celebration is that because this Son,  Jesus, shares our human nature,  we ourselves are spiritually included in this ritual of being formally presented to God.

Are we worthy to stand in the presence of a Holy God, Good and Pure?   Not at all.

So we begin now a new and necessary portion of our calendar.  It will be time of learning from our newborn Teacher, of following and imitating our Good Shepherd, all the way through Calvary; and this can be a time of our increasing sanctification, making us ready for when we actually stand before the Holy God.

We will hear the constant invitation of Jesus to “Come.”

“Whosoever will, let him come.”

A new season begins!   This is our chance!

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