MoonI got up in the middle of the night last night, as I usually do.  I stood by a big window, looking outside in admiration, amazed admiration.

(No photo possible!)   (I need My-Friend-With-The-Camera’s camera.)

There, behind my house, I could see my snow-covered back yard, pond, and all the way into the hills beyond the creek.   The surface was soft and gently undulating and bathed in a beautiful blue-white light shining down on the scene.

It was a time for poetry and oil paints.    It was a time for the human spirit to “take time” to respond.

Well, I did eventually go back to bed.   I’m currently experiencing the second round of the second bout of shingles in my “other” ear.   It occurred to me recently that every time I go out skiing or skating,  I spend the next few days with increased ear pain.   Since there “might be” a connection,  I’ve confined myself to indoors for a while.   Maybe.

But I’m still thinking of ice and snow, so I’ll use this post to convey some information.    True stuff, not political stuff.

True:   There was a period of time called the “Maunder Minimum”  in about the 1600s – a time of severe cold, lasting for a couple generations.   It affected people’s lives ;  it killed people and changed history a bit.

True:  There was another period of time called the “Dalton Minimum” which also brought a significant period of cooling lasting from in the 1700s to about the  1820s.

Ice Standing

One could walk across the Mississippi River,  or the Thames River,  or the Hudson river during this time.   That’s the Mackinac Straits in the photo…   Sometimes they freeze over and My-Friend-With-The-Camera who is also a runner loves to run across the Straits.   He’s not from 1820, he’s from now, but his photos make a good illustration of a large body of water that seems so unusual in a frozen state.

My Friend has special shoe attachments for this purpose:

Ice Grip

He finds his way across the frozen Straits by means of  markers:  used Christmas trees placed strategically by local authorities to mark out safe pathways across the ice.

Ice tree markings see

But back to some geological truths.

Also true:   These “minimums”  I listed are part of larger cycles, two which concern us most directly today.  There is a 206-year period of cooling and a 90-100-year period of cooling.   Both cycles are converging –  NOW.

“Now”  means based upon our current, observable,  undeniable solar cycles which directly affect (cause)  these cooling cycles.   And our current solar sunspot cycle indicates a lack of expected sunspots, an undeniable “minimum” of sunspots.

Trekking across the frozen water:Ice all alone out there

That will result in noticeably colder weather, especially in the temperate latitudes, more snow, more icing events . . .Many more places will be covered in ice and snow during longer winters.

Ice climbing up

Growing seasons will become shortened enough so that the world’s food supply is reduced.    Crops can’t be planted early enough in the Springs, growing seasons are shortened, and Winters come earlier.   Too much rain in some places, too little rain in other places.   That’s historical truth.

Here was that day’s goal for my Friend’s run across the frozen Straits:

Ice climbing goal

It’s the world-famous Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island.   A place where you have to be pretty well-to-do in order to afford the entrance fee just to look around.   A place where the rich can afford a night’s stay.

A 206-year cycle plus a 90-100-year cycle, both converging now on the world.    This will be hard on so many people.

I will have to think about this more.

I think I’ll go back out to the Spruce Tunnel for some skiing and thinking. . . .   My ear is going to be fine, compared to what’s coming.

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