It’s not often I get an immediate confirmation on something I’ve posted here,  but since weather is a topic of interest in the news today,  I turned on my television for a glimpse of my own local weather.   Yep.  4 degrees.  Sunny.   Snow all over the place.

Our local news people were asking our farmers what they thought of all the snow this winter.

john snow farm

They  all agreed it would probably be a good thing for getting moisture deep down into the hard soil, once the snow begins melting.    That would make for hardy crops with deep roots.johnn deere in snow fileds

However, one farmer explained that the deep snowpack and the prolonged single-digit temperatures have frozen the soil to greater depths than before.  And then he said:  “It will probably result in a later planting and a shorter growing season.”

Bingo!    As the planet cools,  our temperate climate regions will move a little bit southward, and those regions of the world which are vital for growing crops,  the U.S.,  Canada,  and western Russia,  will experience wetter conditions, slightly cooler temperatures, and shorter growing seasons.   The result is a lower crop yield.    Eventually.

My “Coming Ice Age Clarification”  is that this doesn’t happen all at once.   It may possibly take a couple of decades, but some early signs will become apparent before we know what’s hitting us.     Bigger storms.   More snow and rain.    And weather extremes as the planet’s atmosphere sorts itself out into a new configuration.

There are a few signs of change already.   I know the size of glaciers are  increasing throughout the world.    Let’s see if our local farmers  get another sign and  have to wait a few extra weeks before it’s safe to plant their crops.

Stay tuned!

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