(No photos again.   Just close your eyes when you read this and imagine the tallest, fastest, most beautiful rollercoaster that was ever built!!!!)

I’ve been “under the weather” for the past few days.   Nothing important,  but it sent me into Hubbie’s TV room for a while “to rest,” watching Hubbie’s ancient TV, which works just fine.   Fine enough.

Watching television is like riding a roller coaster –  an experience I love very much!    You click on the Power button and get on board.   There is the slow climb,  where you think you know what might be coming.   Further along the slow climb, there is some “realization” about your near future;  something is building up.

At the top….should you continue or not?   But it’s out of your hands!

And then, rounding the top of the hill, the tracks take you over into the inevitable confirmation…yes,  we really are going down.    There is that delicious little feeling that “this is going to be interesting” —  all the television channels give you that horrible, delicious little “feeling.”

Slowly the roller coaster train goes over the hill and picks up momentum.   As you watch television programs today (especially the entertainment-news)  you get that feeling of the inevitable plunge.   How can I be hurtling downwards towards the center of the earth?   How can this American nation be falling so fast?   Is it true?  Switch channels.  Oh, yes.   Is it really true?   Switch channels.   Oh, yes.     Faster and faster.

And the seat you’re riding in rushes downwards, taking you with it – not caring that your stomach is riding up into your throat and you are at the mercy of G forces that throw your body this way and that (if you’re on a really, really good rollercoaster!)  —  It will intensify;  it will give you the thrill of danger;  all may be lost.

And then it is (all lost)…because when you feel yourself slowing down enough to think,  then you are at the bottom,   standing,  re-orienting yourself into the bottom-world,  no longer able to see from the lofty heights where things looked so glorious – no longer being at the top of the world.   Now you are last in all the leading indicators like education and infant mortality and freedom – yes, freedoms!    Freedom to speak out (without reprisals),  freedom for religious expression,  freedom for our lawmakers to vote in certain ways without being bullied,  freedom to not buy what we don’t want,  freedom even of the press!      All gone.

You are now standing in the bottom-world.

The Fall of America is truly as breathtaking as the plunge down a 180-foot drop on a rollercoaster.

I may be wrong.

But something is planting these impressions through Hubbie’s old TV set.

 (You may open your eyes now.)


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