I had to “go into town”  one day recently.


Notice anything funny about that road?     The snowplow driver kindly gave me a track for my right tires and the middle track for my left tires.   And the oncoming cars have a track for their right tires and . . .  the same middle track for their left tires!

We were given a  road with three tracks.    No problem with “all that traffic,”  but eventually a car will come along and we’ll both have to make some adjustments in where we thought we could drive.

I’m glad I took that photo.    Most of the time it makes me smile.   But I get thoughtful too.   My classes and I have recently been discussing how much like a journey our lives are meant to be.   We’re moving forward on whatever kind of road we’ve been given, and it is well that we stay alert and make “adjustments” as things come our way so that we stay on course and reach our goal.

I’m not the king of the road!

Our roads are taking us into Lent now.  Maybe that’s why I feel pensive tonight.    Lent offers much  for us to learn about becoming a good driver.   I don’t want to wreck my “car” and wind up short of the goal.

Standing at the “end of the road” surely is the Son of God who waits for us:  “And the Spirit and the Bride say, Come.  And he that hears, let him say, Come.   And he that thirsts, let him come;  and he that will, let him take the water of life, freely.”      (Thus reports the fifth to the last verse of the whole Bible.)

The road of life upon which we make our journey.    Come along.    It’s kind of fun;  kind of funny;  but kind of serious too.

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