“When we were still powerless,  and when the time was right. . . .”


An anniversary is usually a yearly remembrance of an event,  a birth or death or marriage or some thing that happened.    It’s March 11th, today,  and  it’s an anniversary, not of an event but of the onset of an ongoing occurrence, an occurrence  that is ongoing – and even worsening.

This is the date of the cracking apart and flooding of Tepco’s grouping of nuclear power plants in Fukushima, Japan, that happened three years ago, 3-11-11, due to an earthquake and a tsunami.             When we say “earthquake and tsunami,”  we focus on two natural disasters that happened,  and now they’re over.

However, the resulting catastrophe is not “over.”   I keep a link to some of the news from Fukushima over in the right-hand column.    I’ll check there soon and add to the list, or delete some things,   because these aren’t links to “old news stories”    They are links to ongoing events, new news stories.

Some phrases from today’s lists of articles:   “It is not under control at all.”     “No one knows what to do to fix this.”       “The cores from three reactors have melted down, out through their containers.”     “This is China Syndrome.”    “Radiation is spewing out into the air and flowing into the ocean at an alarming rate.”   “The black specks found all over Tokyo contain plutonium.”

There is plenty of information “out there”  about the health effects too, and not just for those who live in Japan;   for humans in America.   For seals along our Pacific coast.   For polar bears.  For salmon and other fish who are being photographed with whitish tumors all over their bodies, and into their muscles, their meat.    Starfish, seemingly in pain, in agony, and dying.    And whales….the poor whales who are photographed with huge tumors on their necks and heads and mouths….who are struggling to breathe.     Our dairy cattle who are feeding on pastures contaminated with radioactive particles.

Just.  Read.   Inform yourself.

I wish all this radiation coming from Fukushima was the only radiation we have to consider.    Think of the poor people  in southern New Mexico, now, who were contaminated last week with plutonium and americium, to name just two of the radioactive particles pouring out of the caverns.    Another ongoing event.    Cave-in where the nuclear waste was being stored, right?

I didn’t want to show any “anniversary”  pictures of all these things.   Too disturbing.   But I do have a map of my country…..  It kind of speaks for itself,  but it should shout out at us that it’s NOT ONLY HAPPENING IN NEW MEXICO!!!!

Level 5 EventsThe Red spots are locations of reported Level 5 events –  radiation that endangers human beings.   Our nuclear power plants are aging, cracking, leaking.     Most are older now than they were licensed for.

I really don’t know what to say on this kind of Ongoing Anniversary.

Perhaps I’ll just finish that very first line I put above the Lenten purple of this posting:    “When we were still powerless,  and when the time was right, Christ died for the ungodly”    (Romans 5:6)   We are sure in an ungodly mess.

“While we were still powerless…”   While we were still helpless….”

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