Well, that last posting was a little dire.     How about a puzzle this time?

So.     A nifty little machine we invented goes around exploring new land. . . rocks and soil and dust and sand.    And then it took a picture of something!!

coin on mars

Something round and flat and shiny…with maybe, just maybe a design on it.

Did somebody drop something?

Wouldn’t you love to pick that round thing up and see what it is?

Well, we can’t, because this was a photo taken by the Rover —   on Mars!     According to reports, NASA certifies it as a genuine photo, and says it has an explanation.

It is a “coin” that was “sent to Mars” to be used as a calibration object for the geologists.  Since a penny’s size is well-known,  they can tell how big something is in a picture by comparing it to the penny.    Now, the information from NASA includes the  resolution of the lenses,  “14 micrometers per pixel,” the owner of the penny,  even what kind of penny it was;  the article describes the mission of the Rover, and the successful “finding” of the penny. . . .We are bedazzled with details.

The article does state that the penny was “flown to Mars.”    That the Rover’s remote arm successfully maneuvered the camera  to take a good picture of the penny.    And it said the penny can’t be moved around. . . .

I don’t know.  Is that “penny” lying on some rocks?     How did it get on the ground?    Or is this a Rover selfie?    Doesn’t look like the Rover.   But if it is the side of the Rover,  how did the penny get there?  Did it ride all the way to Mars in that position?      Is it “glued” on?    Doesn’t look like it.    This round object looks like it fell. . .into the dust.

This article answered lots and lots of questions that I didn’t ask,  but it didn’t answer the questions that I have.


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