(Is it okay to be fuming angry during Lent?  )

anger guy

“If you want to control a nation,  you control the flow of information.”

“He who wants to control must control absolutely.”

fleur 30

Marie Antoinette is preparing for yet another vacation – to China.   By all estimates,  the vacation will cost in the tens of millions of dollars.  But that’s okay;  she isn’t paying for it herself.   However, she is taking her children and her servants, a large entourage of assistants, so she won’t be alone and unsupported.

She has decided that NO record will be made of this vacation, no reporters allowed on this journey.

We have no need to know any more than we’re told. . . .

Well, God has given to our country a King (with Mighty Pen)  and a Queen (with Magic Money Purse).   Subjects we are.

We  have No Need To Know.    Apparently we accept this.


Sighhhhh…  Where is Madame Defarge when we need her?

Where is our Madam Defarge?

(Don’t look to me.    I knit  sweaters.)

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