March.  Halfway through Lent.  Sad to think of all our sins.

 purple bar

It snowed today.   Again.   (Didn’t I write that a few days ago?)   Winter is having a hard time letting go of us, but soon Spring will be here.  I’m already having thoughts of two of my favorite activities:  gardening and traveling.   They are somewhat mutually exclusive, though.  You have to be home to take care of your garden.

But I think I know which will win out this year, which will take more of my time, because there is a very big problem with outdoor gardening:

CHart  ChemTrail CO MPONENTS

It is a sorrow of life today, that we have poisoned our air and our soil.  This chart shows with what and how much.    Doesn’t matter where this scientific sampling was taken.  It’s all over the place.   The big farming corporations are doing something about it – they have invented a seed that can grow in soils that are high in aluminum.  These artificially manufactured seeds will still grow — while the plant is taking up the aluminum.  Too bad humans are damaged when they ingest aluminum.

Where does the aluminum and the other immune-system destroying substances come from?   Well, sometimes I can step right outside my door and take photos like this from my front porch.

Chemtrail grid bldg

Sometimes they’re stripes, but this is going to be a sort of grid pattern.  I’ve seen neater ones.  I’ve even seen great curves and circles.     (These are not “flightpaths.”)    Sometimes I zoom in and take a picture of the airplanes doing it,  but they’re always just painted white.  Including the windows.  And they have no identifying numbers or letters (which is illegal, but nevertheless…)

I saw some of these when I was flying one day.  I looked out my airplane window and saw these trails close up –  they were giant loops, like a Slinky stretched out, only about thirty or forty feet tall.    That’s the way they come out of the nozzles on the planes that are spraying the chemicals on us.

Sometimes the chemicals just fall in great “curtains.”

I found some close-up photos of these planes in action.


Good people have “gone down”  trying to fight these things.   Just remember all the chemicals in that chart that are routinely found within these “curtains.”


It’s so sad,  but we can’t stop them.  Our Rulers are international.


So I think I know what I’ll be doing more of this summer.   Why would I grow a garden outdoors?

Sadly,  I’ve taken out some of the words for this posting.


Not to attract their attention, you know.

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