For Friday, in Lent:

purple bar

The reason that we take time out, in  Christendom,  to mark Fridays is because of this short verse from the Bible:   “There is only one Name, given among men,  by which we must be saved.”

Saved.  Saved from what?  Traveling to Pike’s Peak is a good place to start thinking about this world.

Pike's Peak

The first time I was there I was expecting a “mountain top,”  like solid rock and firm soil.   I was so surprised to find that the top was mostly small broken-up rocks.   Of course I walked all over, every place I could, looking out in every direction over the edge, way down into the great valleys.

My parents were forever telling me to stay closer to them because the rocks under my feet were slipping and sliding against each other.   I suppose if I did get it wrong, the rocks under my feet would begin sliding down, taking me along for the ride!     Maybe I was challenging that mountain top, wondering how far the sliding would go, feeling the thrill of a little danger.

There was no sure ground to stand on, on the edge of Pike’s Peak.   It kind of feels that way, now, in all the world around us.   I don’t need to list all the things around us that are crumbling, all the things that we are at the edge of, nearing the precipice; we can study all the dangers in the banking world, in our economy, the world-wide build-up towards war, the failing health system, growing crime of all kinds, an inability to come together to solve our problems….

When the ground is slipping under your feet it’s hard to come up with solutions.   Fridays point us to the only sure ground we have – the one Name given among men,  to save us:

cross cling

The paradox is that as we acknowledge our weakness and “cling” to the Cross, we become stronger.    It always works.  It’s always worked throughout the last two thousand years.    As individuals we are not alone at the foot of the Cross, and we find firm ground there.  we find the  Rock,   not shifting sand, not sliding rocks.

That’s a much better way to face the problems of the world.

cross cling hand

Christ is the Light of the world;   the King of the world;   the Light and Wisdom of our minds;   the Savior of our souls;  the sure Foundation that never fails.

Even as the world is sliding down on the broken rocks.




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