We are offered a little “break” from Lent today.   Those who have kept Lent diligently will understand;  those who have not…well, you may understand:


The first prayer of today, the Introit, says “Rejoice, O Jerusalem!!   Come all you who love Jerusalem … rejoice  … and exult!”

Of course,  “Jerusalem” does not mean precisely the geographical place called Jerusalem; it means rather what happened there to make it a place of rejoicing for all of mankind.  Mankind’s only hope…no other given.

The following is a photo from a video that was sent to me by My-Two-Friends ( thank you very much!) that shows what it is that happened in Jerusalem.

It’s too good to be true, we think!    We think that because we know subconsciously that such sure salvation is too good for what we deserve.   But the remembrance of the Resurrection is coming in a few weeks, and we’ve been taking time to prepare ourselves for our participation in this too-good-to-be-true historical event.

The deep purple of Lent turns, temporarily today, to the happy rose pink of a new existence for us.   The artist who painted the giant mural pictured partially above is Ron DiCianni.    The details in his mural are eye-opening.    His explanation of his painting is a like a history of the Gospel story, and you can hear it here, on this video.

Rejoice!!   It’s all true!!

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  1. Oh…how wonderful to embed that video here! It is great to see this painting…might become one of those World Famous paintings!

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