I was just a little girl, at the time, and I was sad inside

Little  GirlMy Daddy was making me sad, because he was telling me something that wasn’t true.    I knew what he was trying to do.   He was trying to make me like something by telling me that it was something else.

He was trying to get me to taste some of his cottage cheese.

cottage cheeese 80  Now, cottage cheese is something that is just not quite right, to me.   It’s smooth with lumps in it.   It’s white and creamy, but not sweet.   It tastes “cheesy”  but it doesn’t look like cheese.   If you mix it in things like fruit or Jell-O or pudding,  the small white pasty lumps don’t go away.

But that day, long ago,  my Daddy was telling me, “Here!  Have some of this!  It’s ice cream!”

Now, I knew that he didn’t believe it was ice cream.    The world hadn’t become that crazy.   And I knew what he was trying to do.    He was trying to make me believe his trick, and – this gets complicated –  I could tell by the smile on his face that he knew I didn’t believe that it was ice cream but he was still saying that it was because maybe I would let go of Reality and …  take his cottage cheese – and . . .  then what?      Reality wouldn’t be real?    It would taste like ice cream?   Or I would have to accept that my Daddy doesn’t tell the truth?

I don’t know where I got the strength to keep saying no,  and I’m glad he stopped saying that –  but that “near miss” lingers inside me,  and I still can’t eat cottage cheese “safely” to this day.

We all have to deal with the Edge of Reality and Unreality sometimes.     We have to be accepting lies because it pleases people or rejecting lies because ultimately a lie doesn’t bring anything good — cottage cheese will never be ice cream.

I thought of that tonight when I heard about the big earthquake in Chile and the evacuation going on in case there is a tsunami.  I wanted to see pictures on television.  But instead,  I saw the face of the man they put into our wh it e ho use  and he was speaking lies . . .  he was telling us his “Health” Control Bill was working and people were liking it.    And I heard the discussions that ensued about the numbers being all false and misleading and people in terrible hardships now because of this Expensive Insurance Scheme that delivers less healthcare for a greater price – and results in the monitoring and control of people living in this country, exposing our private records to public government control.

This happens on an April Fool’s Day.


And I feel like a little girl again.  Someone “bigger than I am”  is saying something that isn’t true and it would be better if I believed it, but it isn’t real.  . . .but he says other people say it’s real . . .   and I hate when I feel my country is being little and small and powerless and can’t make the lies stop . . . .

And it’s still cottage cheese; it’s not ice cream.



Another Tribute to Tuesday  (11-06-12)   when it appeared that this country chose to be hoaxed a second time.


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