Happy moments like I wrote about yesterday are fleeting;  that is they are few and they will become rarer.

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“Deliver me from the Anger of the Nations,” or, as we heard that prayer this morning: “de gentibus iracundis…eripies me.”  That phrase went over and over again in my mind; the Anger of Nations. The meaning just as clearly inescapable in Latin as in English. The wisdom of the Church offers that to us today in our prayers. Why? How did they know?

I heard an argument in church this morning – an angry argument, and it was coming from the Gospel reading for today. There were very pointed and angry words spoken back and forth, in the Temple area, in Jerusalem, between Jesus and the religious leaders.

“Who do you think you are!??”

When He told them just Who He is, they became even angrier.

It didn’t end well. The religious leaders did not want to hear the words of Jesus, the Christ; they didn’t want Him around; they didn’t want Him to exist. They picked up stones to stone Him to death. But that isn’t why “it didn’t end well.”

It didn’t end well because: “then He left the Temple.” That’s it. He’s gone from them, and with Him goes their last chance to hear Truth and to receive Life, true abundantly full Life for ever. This is because there wasn’t much time left. Within a couple weeks, the religious leaders – and the whole world – would have their way.    Jesus would be dead.

And the Cross (and Resurrection) was the end of their Age. We go from BC to AD. (Or if you’re delicate: from Before the Christian Era to the Christian Era; or if you need to hide the reason for the split into a new Age, Before the “Common” Era to the “Common” Era, assuming these views are actually held “in common.”

However, some think we are now approaching the end of our Age. I’ll have to say the signs they are seeing are pretty convincing. But how interesting that the same attitude of religious and secular leaders at the time of Christ are re-occurring, re-surfacing now at this time. Christ, through His Christians, are being hated just as much as at His time.    After almost two thousand years of Christendom, which gave us a stable, prosperous civilization with the Rule of Law, the scientific structure to learn and explore the whole universe, and gave to mankind the expectation of hospitals, universities,  respect for women as individuals,   hospitality for strangers during travel, and charity towards the weak and the very young, the very old, and the very sick — the world turns against this same Christendom and creates the infamous Black Legends (you know what they are), taking the very worst unChristlike behavior and calling it “Christian” thereby maligning not only the Christians, but Christ Himself.   The social engineers who are our Rulers have engineered a contempt for Christianity that seems to be easy to adopt without thinking.

Why no pictures today?    I began to search for current examples that I could link to, to illustrate what’s going on now, but I came across so many, and so many more I hadn’t even known existed, that after a couple of hours I had to stop. There are no pictures because I found too many pictures of attacks against Christians and against churches. You don’t need to be sickened.

I heard one analyst (whose name I didn’t know and still don’t know) put it this way: ” When people speak of ethnic cleansing, what is meant at the present time is actually a wiping out of Christians.”    That is what’s going on around the world.

There are, of course, many ways to wipe out Christians: burning Christians in their churches; stoning and crucifying, flaying alive in some countries, kidnapping children and forcing them to convert away from their Christian faith, quite commonly done, or just marginalizing-ridiculing-demonizing and forcing people to step down from their positions, not hiring a Christian;  oh,  and bringing endless lawsuits against them. . .

But in the end all methods will be used all over the world for all Christians, because the Angry Nations are taking up their stones now, they have taken aim, and they are beginning to throw.

Today is Passion Sunday. We begin to feel the Passion of our Lord.       “…eripies me, Domine….”




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One Comment on ““ANGER” IN CHURCH TODAY”

  1. Jon Says:

    Sad, but all too true. Lord, grant us perseverance!

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