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An echo from the words in the last posting –  “not in the way Jesus would have it done.”

We move from Spy Wednesday to Holy Thursday.    Jesus spent the day teaching, then it was time to get ready for Passover when the sun went down.      (My sunset today, as evening begins.) SAMSUNG

“And the evening and the morning were the next day.”

So by biblical reckoning,  from Thursday evening until Friday just before sunset, was the last 24-hour period of life for Jesus on this earth, as we humans live it.

This was it.  This was the Day that all the Old Testament sacrifices had been pointing towards.  This is the Day  that all New Testament Christians re-present, re-enact,  re-enter the reality of, each time there is a Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:    Malachi 1:11 –  From the rising of the sun to the going down, my name is GREAT among the Gentiles;  and in EVERY PLACE there is SACRIFICE, and there is offered to My Name a clean oblation;  for my name is GREAT among the Gentiles.

So said the God of Abraham,  Isaac, and Jacob – the God of the Israelites.   The only place and time that everywhere, all the time (from the rising of the sun to the going down)  that a SACRIFICE is offered by the Gentiles is in the Mass.

And so on Holy Thursday, we see the beginnings of “what Catholics do.”

Instructions were given to the Twelve by Jesus:     How to pray.   How to wait for His return.   How to be priests.   What the new “unbloody”  (without animal blood)  sacrifice would look like.  How He would go, yet remain among us,  truly present in intimate spiritual communion — His Body and Blood.

bread and wine

He also gave power to His Twelve disciples to carry on.  He taught them to be  servants, to be servants to each other –  and one day, a few centuries afterwards, a later Peter would describe his office as being The Servant of the Servants.


12 men.  12 men to carry on and make present for us the sacrifice of the Cross.  12 men who had to experience the demonstration of the meaning of service by having their feet washed… by Jesus, their Master, who would now be their Servant in the greatest way possible,  dying for them, later that day.

That’s the way Jesus “would have it done.”

Today,  it is an option —  an OPTION — to re-enact the footwashing of that evening.   But if it is done,  it must truly represent priest-to-priest,  priest-serving-priest,  in a brotherhood of service to the Lord.

(Women and non-Christians is not the way it was done then or afterwards.    Otherwise we would be changing the meaning of what was done.)

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