“THE VIEW . . .

6 what earth shadow

. . . on Good Friday”  –

Of all the books I’ve read about the events that took place on Good Friday, the death of our Lord and Savior,   the one that stays with me is “What Jesus Saw From the Cross.”

Just a few thoughts from my memory:

Jesus saw a small crowd on the hilltop:    a few, a very few who know Him, weeping and grieving in horror and sorrow, helpless in their sadness.

1.5  what jesus saw big crowd

A few others, puzzled, perhaps.   Something is happening here,  but they knew not what.

Others,  efficiently, strongly,  murderously going about their business.   Getting the job done.

Others, a little further off, come to witness the results of their efforts to get rid of this One;  yet –   Something is not quite right.  They won – but it’s an uncomfortable victory over this One.

4 what jesus sawa skyline

Behind and further beyond this small crowd are the gates of the city that Jesus loved so much.   The city where so much had begun.   The city near the place where Jacob saw the  heavens open and angels ascending and descending between Heaven and Earth.   Like a portal, opened; the veil thinned.   Here in Jerusalem.  The navel of the earth.

Beyond the city walls, Jesus could just see the top of the Temple, within which lay the Holy of Holies, the only place one could bring offerings to the True and Only God and perceive His presence.    Precious spot on the earth.

Beyond Jerusalem, perhaps if Jesus looked north He would have seen, in imagination,  the land of my grandfathers, dwelling near the Arctic Circle.

If He could look northwest,   He could have seen in the direction of the land where I live now.

But, these are the hours of His Passion,  the culmination of God’s grieving and righteous anger for our sins.   Jesus looks down at the two people closest to Him, the two people whose love is greater than their sorrow.

2 what he saw small crowd

He doesn’t see only these individuals.  He sees in them John, the Beloved Disciple,  representing all of us who become disciples – all of us “beloved.”   And He sees Mary,  His virgin Mother,  still pure and worthy to be his mother, and He sees in her the Mother of all beloved disciples.

3 what he saw

“What Jesus Saw From the Cross” — I hope . . . me.



The book What Jesus Saw From the Cross,  written earlier in the 20th century by Rev.  A.G. Sertillanges, a priest who lived in Jerusalem,  is available today for purchase.

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