We’ve had some pretty big earthquakes lately, two  7  point somethings in Mexico and Central America this week.  They made me think about the big earthquake which occurred on the first Good Friday.

I’m thinking about all the rocks and stones and mountains and the bedrock beneath our feet, which sometimes isn’t so solid and lifeless as we think –


And maybe the rocks and mountains and all of creation is not really so “silent”  as we think.

About one week ago,  Jesus made his triumphal entrance into the city of Jerusalem, and the people rose up to greet him, to shout his praises;  “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the LORD!”    They didn’t fullly understand who Jesus is,  but they were happy and joyous in His presence anyway.

Then the religious leaders, probably fearing the tumult would draw the attention of  the Roman authorities,  came up to Jesus and said,  “Tell your followers to quiet down,”  to which Jesus replied,  “If they didn’t shout out in praise, the very rocks would cry out.”
The stony earth beneath their feet remained silent on Palm Sunday,  because the people were singing out praises to God.

When  Jesus was crucified,   only a very few stayed with Him, sorrowing and grieving for the One they loved – yet even they did not fully understand what was happening.   There was no “tumult”  at the crucifixion.

It’s Holy Saturday today –  some disciples, friends, family,  have gathered themselves together and seem to be in stunned, silent confusion and grief.

But in other parts of the city, they were still picking up the pieces from the earthquake that had occurred when the Son of God passed out of this world.   When Jesus died,  though the humans didn’t know what to say or what to do,  the rocks and stones and solid earth beneath their feet “shouted out” with their great quaking.

On Holy Saturday,  perhaps the friends of Jesus were thinking about that quake that had tossed dead bodies out from the earth, graves could no longer hold the bodies.  And perhaps they began to ponder the meaning of the earthquake-torn veil  in the Temple –

rent in two But torn, oddly,  from top to bottom, as though the heavens had opened up the dividing veil between God and humans.  The Temple, now, and the Holy of Holies where God dwelt,  will now be located within the hearts of men and women.

A lot to ponder on Holy Saturday.     The rocks and stony ground “cried out” after all,  in a big, awful quake that heralded the beginning of new things.


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  1. cyurkanin Says:

    Happy Easter 🙂

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