It’s Easter Monday in Christendom, and the theme is “disrecognition.”   At least in the Spruce Tunnel it is.   You won’t find that word in the dictionary.ultraviolet

The mind is a strange tool to think with.   Sometimes things that we should recognize look like we’ve never seen them before.   And sometimes things we’ve never seen before, seem strangely familiar, as if we should know it, but can’t quite remember what it is.

A familiar object – when seen in a different light –  reveals new complexities.   Here are some plain white flowers:

ultra flower

– but when seen under ultraviolet light appear to have oddly bright colors and new patterns.

Something similar happen to Mary Magdalene near the garden tomb of Jesus on Easter morning.  She knew Him well.  She had been among His friends, walking, talking, eating with Him;  watching, listening.   But when she came up to Him in the garden,  she saw Him but didn’t recognize Him.   She looked right at Him and asked “the man”  where they have put the body of Jesus.     She looked at Jesus and disrecognized Him!

ultra violet flowers

In the Readings we are given today,  two disciples of Jesus walk with Him several miles on the road to their home town, Emmaus.    They looked right at Him and told Jesus how sad they were that Jesus had died.   The whole city is talking about the death of Jesus.  That’s what they told . . . Jesus!     They were disrecognizing Someone they should have recognized immediately.

In each of these two cases,  something happened to shed new light into their minds that reversed this strange phenomena of disrecognition.    In Mary’s case,  Jesus looked at her, into her,  and spoke her name.    He personally knew her – and that realization was enough for her to know Him.

For the two men on the road to Emmaus, it was the act of inviting Him into their home, meeting Him in the Bread and Wine – and in an instant – poof! –  communion with Jesus was perceived in the Bread and Wine that He had just blessed.    They were left with the certain and profound understanding that Jesus is available but in the form of a bread and wine – Jesus places Himself truly for the two m





Lightning bolt


 Not to be too dramatic here,   but last night as I was writing this,  we had a sudden surge in this room.  The computer  screen got brighter and  the whole room was filled with light —  and with a bang!   the power went out.

Power was on this morning,  but not the Internet.  Everything checked out – except for the router which brings Internet to this PC.  It was still “dark.”  Fortunately,  Son was visiting,  and in his inimitable way,  picked it up,  took it apart, and said “I know what’s wrong!”

Can you see it?


Well, it’s in the capacitors there.  Two of them are taller and have rounded tops, Son explained –  which means:  they were blown out in the power surge.

Next thing I knew he was disassembling an old computer, pieces all over the place, and then he had an Aha! moment and ran down for the soldering gun….

And fixed the router.

I don’t understand this.  I don’t understand how he knew.   I don’t understand how guys can just . . .  do things like this.

He sees the world differently than I do –  and I’m glad for it.

And that’s just about what I was saying about Jesus after the Resurrection.    Seeing Him one way, maybe walking with Him,  maybe reading and hearing about Him all your life — and then things change: and He calls your name,  He gets your attention somehow,   He speaks personally to you,  interiorly where only you pick up His signal.   In some way, through fear or doubt or wonder or thankfulness or curiosity –  in some way you are open to seeing Jesus in a way that you had never recognized Him before.

And now you see things differently.

There He is.


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