Quite a rush today. 1 Rush

Some days are like that –  but you have to make it happen!

Time for a little road trip —  time to see my Mom – on the other side of the country!     I looked up these Falls on the Internet before I left home. A nice tourist stop.     I read that “at the edge of the parking lot”  we could find “the trailhead.”    Just a “short one,” you know;  just “a little exercise”  during a long road trip.

Well, here is the edge of that parking lot I read about: 2 Edge of parking

See that drop-off?     That’s the “edge” of the parking lot.      I peeked over the edge –  that’s a stairway down there…a steep, steep stairway.

3 over edge peek

Straight down.   I was beginning to have a few misgivings about going down there, but it was the way to the Falls, so I believed.

Down, down, down, down I descended,  walking down the stairs and then down a steep pathway –

4 sheer dropp off tot he left

That’s a sheer drop-off to the left.    (And lots of rocks and stones to trip on.)

I tried not to think about the long walk back up this trail,  but I did turn around to see where I had just come from –

5 looking back up

Yep.    Pretty steep.    And  very beautiful –
6 cliff path

I was all by  myself in that beautiful scenery.    It was quite a “rush” to begin to feel part of all that.   I walked downward for about thirty minutes before I finally began to hear evidence of a waterfall.    Then the  soft hint of distant roaring water began to sound through the trees,  getting louder with each minute.

I came to the river. . .

7 river granit rock

The river had been cutting through this base of solid rock for “a very long time” —  (I was too tired to get technical at this point.)    I began to see some other people at the river.   We could walk right out onto that flat rock, right up to the river.   Which I did, of course.

8 the fallsAnd there really was a Falls.   The Cumberland Falls.   The Niagara of the South!    Beautiful!   Loud and beautiful!   Like a powerful nature rush.

And there really was a rainbow at the end of my . . . efforts.

9 rainbow

I wish I could enhance that photo somehow.   All the colors of the rainbow were actually there.    It was such a nice place to be.   Very uplifting.   The tourists seemed so happy.   I saw about a half dozen Amish ladies – in dresses, like me.    They did a double-take when they saw my dress!  Ha!   Dresses are cooler in the heat of the day.    Every lady should know that!

There was a nice gift shop,  snack bar, lots of maps and geological information – and Bear Signs!   Everywhere the rangers had posted signs to watch out for bear:   “There are Bear in this area.”    “Bear have been seen recently.”    “If you see a Bear, please tell a ranger.”      (If I see a Bear,  I will die of a heart attack – why, why, why, why is it that every time I take a hike out in the woods, the West, the Southwest, the North, and the South –  everywhere there are warnings for Bear…..?)

This was on my mind when I tried to find the Upward Trail that would take me back to my car in the parking lot – somewhere over my head.   And there it was,  winding upward.  Inevitably, steeply upward.  I was already hot, thirsty, and tired – but my car was far away.    Far upward.

12 uphill

One last look at the Falls:

13 one last look

I decided to distract myself as I walked (upward)  by counting my steps.   I’d count one hundred steps and then take a rest.   Good idea, maybe,   but I never made it to a hundred.   I rested when I had to.   And breathed very, very hard, gulping in oxygen and hoping that dizzy feeling wouldn’t lead to unconsciousness.    Hoping a clumsy step wouldn’t lead to embarrassing myself by getting some bones broken.

10 railing

The Boy Scouts had made a nice railing for a few hundred feet.  Sheer upward wall on the left;  sheer cliff downward on the right.

Want some Vertigo?

11 vertigo

Looking over the railing at one point, the hiker (the weary hiker)  could see far down below to a wide two-lane bridge over the river!   That white strip in the middle is the road.    Straight down.    Time for a little “rush”  again . . . as long as you don’t mind heights.

I did make it all the way back up.   I did find my car.   And – miracle of all, by this time –  I managed to open a bottle of water and begin to replace the gallons I had lost.

14 sign enh

“Cumberland Falls State Resort Park”  —  Highly recommended.

Watch out for Bear.

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2 Comments on “QUITE A RUSH!”

  1. When I was trucking …I loved to experience the local flavor…what a bunch of eye pix & real pix I have!

    • Hey – it’s not too late to post them – to your blog, and to get them out there, I could re-blog them. I know you were one trucker to really appreciate wherever you were! I’m just a baby traveler next to you!!

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