Car and driver made it home –

Car and Driver
After we drove out of the steamy, thick, humid, hot southern air,  the car slowly revived.   Drove over a thousand miles, white-knuckled,  repeated the mantra “Fix it, Lord…”   with tears not far away.    And the car kept going.

Funny thing is,  the further north we got,  the better Hubbie’s car was acting.   But the further north we got the worse I was doing.

I was finding it undeniably difficult to drive, not because of car trouble, it was because of me.

After breathing in all that hot, humid air, and all the strange smells coming through the various musty, super-cold, super-dry air conditioners, and spending time with the ladies in their nursing home ward, all cooped up together, incubating goodness knows what,   I have definitely breathed in something very unwanted.

It seems I’ve slept here at home for two nights,  but I don’t remember yesterday – it just…went by.   Son came to visit.  That must have been yesterday.

NASCAR happened. car races

That must have been today.

Ears, eyes, nose, and throat are making themselves known.   Lungs are getting in on the act.    I’ll let them have their turn,  and then I’ll get better.

Home is the place to be.

Deo gratias.

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