Car okay;  driver still down, a bit.

But I’m listening to the news as I get better.   Mainstream media is very happily repeating and repeating and repeating our Rulers’ desire to redistribute our wealth – take from successful people and countries and pass our money through their hands,  hoping that we’d believe our money will some day  get to countries “in need.”

I don’t know.   If they scare you enough,  would you begin to  believe them?  

All evidence to the contrary,   would you impoverish yourself to make the sun stop affecting our weather?    Would you give up some of your money and your independence to make the sun stop having its 510-year  cycles so our climate wouldn’t have “disturbances” ?

A Tuesday Tribute to our (victorious, 11-06-12) Rulers who are trying so hard to “disturb” us by telling us our activities are causing “disturbances” in the climate.

How about a peek at the last ten thousand years?

cycle chart

Dear Rulers:  This is before automobiles were invented.   Maybe you should begin studying Joseph of the Bible.    He knew another cycle was going to begin, and he convinced his ruler (pharaoh) to begin storing up grain and preparing for the coming drought and food shortages.   Pharaoh was smart.   Egypt prepared.  Egypt and many other peoples were saved through difficult climate “disturbances.”

Dear Algore:  We know how you cheated in your inconvenient eighth-grade level power point movie –  You cut off the chart to make it fit the conclusions our Rulers told you to have.

Dear National “Geographic”:   We know how you cheated by cropping the polar bear photo just right to scare us into thinking their icebergs were melting and their water was rising.     There is more ice cover now in the world than when you did that a few years ago.


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