I know.   I know I know I know.   “Life goes on”  and you have to just pick up the pieces and soldier on.   For most people these last several days were “normal” days — but not for us, and I’m feeling a little “shy”  about calling life normal yet and going on, unchanged.

Police Tape

Things happened in two’s  in the past week or so –  “duo” in that Pidgin Spanish;  and even if you don’t believe in the devil,  you’ll acknowledge the “devilish,” evil nature of some of these unfortunate duos.  TWO people were killed here last week.    Hit close to home.

Son called one morning and said “I just want you to know I’m all right, Mom. . . .”     That’s a surefire way to make a Mom’s heart start beating fast.    Of course you’re all right,  you’re safe at work, right?   Well, Son is a pharmacist, and he didn’t want me to hear it first on the news that a pharmacist had just been shot at a Rite-Aid pharmacy, like his,   and  in his same town.

He had just spoken to that pharmacist minutes before.  A routine call;  a friendly call for advice.    And within minutes that life was over.

I want to pay  a small tribute to that pharmacist:

Police PharmHis name is Michael.   He was well-liked and well-respected in this close-knit community of pharmacy workers.   He loved his work.   Always a smile on his face.  Always ready to laugh.   I will not write the details of his dying, but that wonderful face is no more.    He leaves behind a wife and two small children.

And a Mom.   Like me.    The morning after it happened, I got up early and thought of her and wrote and wrote and wrote – I wrote fifteen blogs’ worth of writings.  But I couldn’t post any of it.   I thought I could empathize with some of the people involved…but I really couldn’t,  and none of those words seemed significant compared to the grief and loss experienced by those who loved him and knew him.   Love him and know him.

The shooter ran a mile back to his own home, and then shot and killed one of his neighbors, so there were two deaths that day.      Dos.   Duo.   There was grief and shock for his family and friends and neighbors too.

And then the police captured the shooter.

Police shooterThere’s the judge;  there’s the shooter.

The aftermath has not been easy for everyone involved.    From what I hear, everyone seems super-sad, super-tired, super-perplexed,  super-confused about proceeding on with things.   Not one word of anyone “doing well”  yet.

Things will unfold and develop for everyone as it will, each according to his own nature, but it will take time.

I had more “duo’s”  this week –  bad ones that kept me a little tense.   We had lightning strikes and two quick and hard power outages –  and two of my computers were affected, lost  a router,  and twice this week I’ve had long Internet interruptions.     My two cars (Hubbie’s and mine)  each became unreliable;  double problems there.    A few other pairs of difficult things to deal with — but as you can see,  nothing as significant as the sudden, untimely death of two good young men.

So, this is about my longest time away from the Spruce Tunnel —  Blogging is “normal” for me;  and it feels a little strange to return to normal.

But it’s time to pick up the pieces.   Just wanted to explain my absence – and thank you all who contacted me to inquire.


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