MAY 21st

About 3:30 in the morning, a certain number of years ago,  Hubbie raced out of the house to awaken our neighbor who promised to care for our little daughter….  I somehow managed to get myself into our car, and in a few moments we were speeding through the city.

“The baby” was on its way,  and the hospital was a half hour from our house.     I was put in a wheelchair, and someone said  “Arrival time, 4:00.”

Son was born at 4:19.

A night to remember!   And a Son to celebrate today, May 21st.

We had a nice day,   Son did “whatever he wanted to do,”  and I enjoyed scurrying about getting birthday surprises ready.

Neither of us managed to feed ourselves much today,  so we really  enjoyed a late birthday meal of  unusually good-tasting baked potatoes,  broccoli,  a good salad,  and — ribs!


That’s a large pan that held a whole rack of ribs with barbecue sauce from Georgia, made with peaches, from Georgia of course.  Oh, my,  that was good sauce!    Not much left!

Then it was time for the birthday things:


I took a photo of Son sitting behind that birthday cake,  but Son is so big that the cake looked rather miniature.     Chocolate-lovers torte…creamy and delicious.   How fun it is to do everything you can think of for another person whom you love.

I think he had a good day today:

SAMSUNGNo –  I did NOT put him to work.   He “did whatever he wanted to do.”    I’m just really glad he had my lawn in mind.   He used a push mower for the front lawn, a power mower for the back.  I don’t know why.

Tomorrow he goes back to his pharmacy to work –  where I hope his employees will treat him well, in a birthday kind of way.  In the evening there is a nice dinner planned for him – a “dinner for two.”   And then more work and more birthday invitations in the evening.

For someone who took only  19 minutes to come at the hospital,  he knows how to stretch out a celebration!

Happy Birthday, Son!    Your day!   Your life!    To celebrate.

Deo gratias!


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