1. THE MONTH OF JUNE 1 – 2 – 3

clockIt’s June.    June?

June.     The year is half over.

I’ve surprised myself by getting some goals accomplished,  but I’ve disappointed myself in some things I’ve left undone – and I’m not happy about the number of those things.    All in all, this will probably be a pretty average year as far as doing my duties.

But the point is,  each year is precious because  as time is marching on, we’re marching on too:  we’re either marching to God or marching in the other direction.

Each year is precious because we’re on a countdown, like it or not, and what’s counting down is the number of years we have left. . . .

And half of this one is over already!

Funny,  I don’t feel a half a year older.


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One Comment on “1. THE MONTH OF JUNE 1 – 2 – 3”

  1. As you said…TIME MARCHES ON…!

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