I suppose there is no point, really, to this blog posting.    It just presents what is becoming an annual summer quandary, and it all begins with physics:

SAMSUNGPhysics is so beautiful!    Even if it doesn’t result in beautiful machines to create anti-matter as at CERN, in the above picture,  just the equations are so beautifully eloquent in their precision and balance.    When we open up the atom and attempt to harness the power of the electrons flying outward at incomprehensible speeds,  we can build beautiful machines like this submarine and its multicolored “control” panel.     Unfortunately,  something went wrong,  and all that beautiful power became rather unforgiving,  nearly cooking to death several dozen sailors.    Oh, that was three years ago.  We’re just reading about it now.


I’m thinking dark thoughts amidst all this “beauty.”    I saw an interview with a scientist at CERN who was explaining that the small amount of anti-matter that is generated in their labs was perfectly safe.  He smiled and  said,  “I wouldn’t be sitting here calmly talking to you if I thought there was any danger.”     Everyone smiles.     But  they have bigger plans for anti-matter generation now,  and a great many of their scientists are questioning the wisdom of it.

And then certainly Professor Albert Einstein had some beautiful, eloquent thoughts and certainly he and others created some “beautiful” equations…   but when he heard what was being planned,  he wrote to the authorities and published letters begging them to stop creating what his equations had made possible.     But the atom bomb went forth,  and so did the nuclear power plants.   As Einstein is quoted as saying:  “That’s a h*** of a way to boil water.”

Suicidal, I would say.

So that brings me to my summer quandary and the unforgiving nature of the atomic world.     Ice walls, cement shrouds, and kitty litter has not proven effective in protecting us from the destructive forces that have been unleashed.       (Kitty litter, you might ask?   Just do a search for WIPP, kitty litter, and resulting explosions….  ongoing.   The authorities asked a task force to find out how they can stop this ongoing disaster.    Their not-so-reassuring response is they can maybe  get this process to stop if they find a way to cover it up, but covering it up will take a minimum of four years…if they can find an effective way to do it. )

Meanwhile,  weather happens.   Jet streams flow on.    Rain is delivered.   Contaminated rain is delivered onto my back deck.


SAMSUNG Just about three times “normal”  near my deck railings.

So I wondered about the nearby tomato plants.   I do so love the taste of real tomatoes.


I stayed out there a long time,  in the drizzle,  hoping to find a more, well, hopeful range of readings.


Nope.    90 – 130  Counts Per minute.    I checked the Internet charts for our area.    The readings there were the same.

Beauty – and hope –  yet so unforgiving.



Poor Kodiak bears.   Poor 12-year-olds in northern Japan.    Poor babies.    Poor starfish.    Poor anchovies.   Poor tuna.   Poor salmon.    Poor whales.      Poor sea lions.  Poor polar bears.   Those poor butterflies. . . .

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