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CEMETERYWe could not have had the day we had today without this day, D-Day.

Much has already been written,  much has been said.   I hope you’ve had a chance to hear and see some of the remembrances. . . perhaps even you will plan to have another viewing of Band of Brothers.    Or The Longest Day.   Or one of the many fine documentaries out there.

I heard a man interviewed today, someone who had been there on Omaha Beach, June 6, 1944.    The interviewer asked him what he thought of today’s generation, if he thought they knew their history and ever thought about the battle they had fought.   He answered,  “The younger generation will be all right.  We fought that day so that they wouldn’t have to think about what we did.”

So we had a  normal, beautiful day today,  and we’re not thinking about war or what it takes to preserve the victory they won for us.

They had defeated the enemy for us, those men at Normandy and all the others.      They fought for “God and Country”  and for their families;  for Freedom;  for Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

So, again, it’s good that we celebrate and remember then with perhaps movies or documentaries or listening to old radio broadcasts,  but I have to write about a very sad trend.  This morning I had  asked questions of two of the older ladies in my class about what it was like to be alive on D-Day.     What had happened, from their perspective.

And then I was amazed to hear about a country that isn’t much there anymore.

I will not list the ways that our country is not the same one these men defended during WWII,  but there is an obvious and objective betrayal  of everything these veterans were.    Just one example:   A little-known but alarming directive came down from Washington D.C,  against our veterans.     The directive commanded that  chapels in VA hospitals must remove or cover up any signs, symbols,  or pictures of Jesus Christ, an altar, or any other Christian object.   Christianity must be “out of sight”  at the chapels.   Stained glass windows must also be covered up.

Even though the majority of our soldiers are Christian.   Even though they fought and died for the freedom of religious expression.  Even though other religions may also use and set up their objects in the chapels.  Even though there has been no general outcry against the sight of a cross or an altar or a Bible.     And even though providing  a place for Christian worship does not constitute the State setting up a State religion for everyone to follow….

Our Rulers have decreed.

Thanks to a vigilant woman in Ironwood, MI,  who visited her local VA hospital and discovered this – and to all the radio stations which have been checking on this and discussing this today.

There is a change being imposed upon this country.  The “American Way”  is being defeated by stealth directives, among other ways.   And those who defeated socialism in the 1940s  (“national socialism” it was called)   now need our help to push back against their own defeat that is  being attempted by whatever is Ruling this country.    We don’t have to put on a uniform and take up arms.   But we have to do something.


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