How to talk to a nonagenarian?    Well –

PeeWee Martin parachutes 93

. . . when he’s done having fun and he comes back down to earth  –    Don’t!     Don’t talk   TO   a nonagenarian,  ask him questions, and then just let him talk to you!

That’s  PeeWee Martin up there with a parachute.  He promised himself he’d re-do his parachute drop 70 years after his original one, on D-Day.    Now he is 93 years old – and he kept his promise a couple days ago.     A promise is a promise.   Duty is duty.   Black is black and white is white and a man  like this doesn’t get things confused.

If you can’t find a nonagenarian,  an octogenarian will do.  He’ll be in his 80s, not in his 90’s,   but if you ask him what life is all about, he’ll give you a good answer.   If you ask him what’s important in life,  he’ll give you a bit of wisdom.   If you ask him what he thinks has gone wrong in the world,  he’ll  give you  some good ideas, plainly, so you can understand the points he’s making.    And he’ll tell you some interesting stories along the way!


89 Bernard Jordan escapedThis man is Bernard Jordan, of England.   He’s 89 years old and his “caretakers”  were alarmed this week because he was missing, from his nursing home.    He showed up a couple days later with some friends – at the D Day celebration in Normandy, France.

I heard interviews with several other  veterans this week.    They sounded like my father and my grandfather and my uncle.     They all spoke plainly,  clearly,  they  meant the words they said and they weren’t afraid of how they’d be “received.”     I don’t think they understood “political correctness”  and if they did, they wouldn’t have submitted to it.     They aren’t pushed around by people  who tell them how to think.     They say the majority of us know right from wrong, good from bad,  but most of us lay aside our commonsense and submit to  our Rulers who speak through  the forces of the media.  We stay quiet and let bad things happen because we don’t know how to speak up and push back.   And we seem to be a little fuzzy on the importance of it all.

The 80 year olds and the 90 year olds should be our mentors.     Their generation didn’t invent “right and wrong”  and “good and bad.”   They just learned it  and it made them strong when they needed to be.   We should learn from them.   We should know what they know.     We should know how to quietly fight for the good and do what is right, and be confident that we are living rightly.

We don’t need to talk to them.  We need to listen to them.

I think we could be enjoying life like they do!

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  1. A comment from the writer: Of course, this is written in “generalities.” Secondly, I deliberately stop at 80 years old. Something happened to the 40 – 79 year olds. They “generally” let go of what their parents taught them. Now the 20 – 40s are sick of dealing with the consequences and more and more I hear signs of hope. Generally speaking. Unless someone takes the reins, it will take a long time for the knowledge of civilized life to trickle down to the children.

  2. This guy did what HE wanted to do…
    Good for him!

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