Talk to yourself:  please do.   Because if you ask yourself questions, you’ll know  if the answer you’re giving yourself is honest – or not.   And if it’s not honest, anchored in reality,  you will know it down deep.

And,    as I look back on that fateful Tuesday, I  shake my head in grudging wonder and have to give our Rulers credit for pulling a fast one on this country.    For nothing is as it seems;  nothing is as we’re told; sometimes they get caught trying to give us certain (dishonest) impressions,  but most of the time we just don’t even ask the Next question – and there are plenty of questions to ask.

Often, the next question should be:  Cui bono?     Or, maybe in street language,   “What’s up with this?”     “Who’s behind this?”    If you hear it, read it, or see it,  and if it’s “mainstream”  (i.e., approved by our Rulers)  then you can be sure what you’ve heard, read, , or saw is a smokescreen, mean to give you certain feelings or impressions and blur what is really happening.

Behind all this obfuscation is a guiding principle applied to the whole world,  and a guiding principle for this country.      For the whole world:  Nothing must stand in the way of globalism.    Globalism must be promoted and funded and prepared for.      For this country,   the guiding principle is that America stands in the way –  America as it was, prosperous,moral and  law-abiding, hard-working, well-educated, a fiercely protective of individual liberties and personal freedom (and the necessary privacy….) –  The America that was would be independent and sovereign….and would not tolerate a Big State international governing force.

But how to bring America down?

Two ways.

One works real well:  Overload the system!    Overload, overwhelm, wait for the breakdown, come in with your “solution”  – a solution which always conforms to global guidelines.   (Of course, I’m quoting that diabolic pair:  Cloward and Pivens)

The second way to bring America down is by Stealth Socialism.   One of the Soviet leaders announced that America would be taken “from within”  and that they, the Soviets, would sell the rope that America would use to hang herself.   (Have they been teaching this in schools lately?)    How to convince us to “hang ourselves”?     —

Verbal entrainment/social engineering/scientific brainwashing/”peer” pressure, that is,  ridicule, mockery, character assassination — all to shepherd Americans into the right way of thinking.

The Patriot Post had an interesting little summary about the economic part of this “overwhelming the system.”    It was on their “humor” page.

Socialism ExplainedHumor page.  But it’s not funny.   They’ve already achieved this part of their indoctrination.

Hats off to our efficient Rulers!    My Tribute to Tuesday,  11-06-12.

We  all need to talk to ourselves.  We all need to hear  answers from inside ourselves.   Or:   Maybe we need to talk to some octogenarians and nonagenarians!!!


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  1. Jon Says:

    You sound so negative, Komrade. Here, have some more Kool-aid.

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