I’m going to be in Nebraska soon, this summer.   Summer travel across I-80 leaves one vulnerable to extreme weather, and so I was glued to the Weather channel this afternoon.

NE sky

Storms can blow up over the Great Plains in a very short time.    There was a rare development of twin tornadoes, today, close together.

NE Twin funnels

The Weather Channel said this will be “one for the books.”  Scientists will be studying today’s storms in Nebraska for a very long time.

NE revolving

There was even a “rope” tornado that was revolving around the larger “wedge” tornado.  Around and around the little tornado traveled around the larger tornado.

Aside from recording the meteorological marvels,  the Weather Channel did a heroic job in alerting the people ahead of the storm, warning them of what’s coming and what to do.    The storm chasers drove up as close as they could to the tornadoes and hopefully their videos helped to inform and to convince people to be prepared and to take action.

NE one big wedge

So, in preparation for my own travels, I’m keeping an eye on the general weather patterns across the Plains.  I’m also reading an old, old series of books written to celebrate the history of these states:

NE book

Coincidentally,  I had started with the one named “Nebraska.”   The story is more suitable to younger people, but the writer gives many details of geography, the weather, the beauties, and the dangers of Nebraska.   I’ve driven across Nebraska many times now, so these details are very interesting to me.

I’ve been absent here from the Tunnel for a while.   So much had gone on last week that no sooner did I begin to write about one issue than we were informed about another crisis.   And yet –  when I brought up some of these current events to my classes at the end of the week,  nearly everyone had no idea of what was going on.   And this seems to be normal for our population in general.

Today’s weather news provides an  obvious image in my mind:    It feels as though the Weather Channel is doing its job,  warning us of the coming tornado funnels, but what if no one in Nebraska paid heed today?

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  1. Very interesting…!
    At the end…the video ONLY showed the commercial…did you try it?

  2. By the way…I posted this on Facebook….

  3. VIDEO??? I didn’t link a video…. Oh, no – are my readers getting ads on this blog? If so, I’ll have to invest in a commercial-free blogsite. (Will check with you later on this.)

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