This is another “random observation”  from near The Spruce Tunnel.


I woke up one morning, looked out the window, and saw this little creature.

We have quite a few of these around here.   I guess there’s plenty to eat in our back yard, around the pond.

I know they’re supposed to fly around and land on cool …  weeds and things.   Cool and wet.  They’re not supposed to dry themselves out on hot sunny windows.

I kept coming back to him.  We had a lot of dragonflies that day.   Every time I got the camera ready,  they’d flit away.   But this one was still there.   He turned his head once,  but he stayed there in the dry heat, stuck to the window.


I listened to the television news for a while.   The news was bad and was getting worse.  I thought, this news is giving me the same sense of discomfort as the poor stuck dragonfly.  I know things are getting bad, but I don’t know what to do about it.

Sometimes I’m almost afraid to look –

Garden Stripes for fawn

That’s a photo of a familiar corner of my garden.    The low but bright afternoon sun is casting “stripes” through the tree trunks.   I took the picture because of the contrast between light and dark,  but when I looked at the photo, I noticed something else.

Something else that didn’t happen.

See the dark shadows surrounding the garden?   Last week,  Son was mowing the lawn – with our push mower.   He walked around the right-hand side of that little garden area to throw some branches away, but he noticed a small animal in the bushes.  Not a squirrel, not a little dog,  but a very small fawn.  He said he’s never seen one that small.    We were glad he hadn’t used the noisy power mower.

You could study deer sociology, if you wanted to, back there.   Families,  mating behavior,  lone bucks, does, rogues, twins and triplet births, eating habits, playtime, etc.,   but you don’t think of a fawn that small, all alone.   I told Son that perhaps Mama was nearby, watching him, ready to defend.   Yeah, that’s what he thought too.

But that’s what we both hoped.    I tried to watch out my window more often for signs of Mama.   There was a big thunderstorm that night, followed by a few days of scorching heat.

The fact that I didn’t follow up (on the story),   that is, I never did see Mama,   doesn’t mean anything bad happened to the baby.

But, you know —   I just never looked.  I’ve not yet gone back around the little garden area…to look.

Just like with the dragonfly on my window all day,  I wouldn’t have known what to do.



Just keeping a small watch on my character.

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