Generally, when an invading force penetrates a nation’s borders,  they shoot cannon shells and bullets.


Shame on those who facilitate the invasion of America’s borders by shooting babies at us.

Hats off to our Slick Rulers who keep showing us cute little toddlers in pink pajamas and weary mothers carrying little babies — and hiding from us the majority of invaders who are teenage boys,  gang members, and Middle Eastern Jihadists.

Or perhaps it’s the babies that keep dropping Korans and prayer rugs in our southwestern desert.

lamb of god window

St. Thomas Aquinas teaches us that every nation (every tribe, every clan, every ethnic group) has the right to defend itself and its borders and to determine whom to let in and under what conditions.   He goes on to give the philosophical reasoning – from natural philosophy and from Christian principles- to support his teaching.   

Perhaps —  if we would become educated and regained our reasoning powers —  perhaps we would find courage to defend ourselves.

And so,  another Tribute to that Tuesday, 11-06-12, when our Rulers once again told us to be quiet and shut your eyes, we’re doing it for you. . .   and “for the children.”

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  1. Bad situation on the southern border…
    I thought you might otherwise have been referring to abortion & “women’s rights”….

  2. Oh, yes. that would be “shooting the babies down,” right, not “shooting the babies over the border. I should keep that little picture to use again . . . .

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