Another musing on today’s events,  this time the videos of the IDS incursion into Gaza City.

It starts with my fascination about the tunnel system that foreign drug cartel invaders have created, from Mexico to America.   With a kind of horror, I read about tunnels that are big enough to drive small trucks through.    Clean tunnels lined with supplies,   supplies of guns and bullets, and food and water and clothing.   Tunnels with little hiding places.   Tunnels with machines to create false documents.

And then the most recent “wonder” of tunnels —  a tunnel that leads from Mexico right into a border city (was it Laredo?  El Paso?)  coming out inside of an office building lobby, so that when the invaders arrive into our country, it seems as though they are one of many businessmen or customers that belong in the building.

No end to ingenuity!    No end to the invaders, really.    Occasionally we find a tunnel and close it down.    But there are thought to be many, many of these tunnels that we haven’t found yet and that have been re-opened or re-dug by the invaders.  We don’t have enough border guards to take care of them all.     We are not defending ourselves.    And if you live, say, in a city like Chicago,  you know that every weekend, the warring drug families bring their war to American people, sometimes with innocent Americans casualties.    Often our children.      The war seems to be spreading and growing in our country.

Israel has a “tunnel” problem too.   The soldiers of  Hamas, among others,  dig right under and into Israel, bringing dangerous people inside their borders.

Today, with military equipment designed for the purpose of destroying these tunnels,  Israel is attempting to end this particular threat.    It is within these tunnels and underground bunkers that many of the rockets lobbed into Israel are being launched and/or controlled.

Two enemy tunnel systems.   Perhaps one of them will be destroyed.


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