Yeah, some of you may know where I’m coming from with that title.  If so,  I’m embarrassed.   This was the BEST thing on television tonight; of all my 60 or 80 or 100, whatever, cable channels it was the only thing that interested me — maybe because —


—  I’m heading for dangerous waters myself pretty soon.

Even though I’m NOT ready for travel so soon again, and even though I DON’T want to go to this particular event,   I find I am obliged to be on the road again, for a few days.  This time I must travel to the Far Far North.

Haven’t been there for a while, so I decided to read their local news, see what’s going on.


That’s what I found.    Well, “Mega Shark”  had me primed for a science fiction type of headline like that.   Gators don’t live in the Far Far North, of course.     I clicked on the link to find out just where this “gator” was running loose  out in the wild:
Right where I’m going.    Make a left turn, and then westward, to the red “pin.”

I love to stop along this route.    Beautiful US-2.   Beautiful Lake Michigan with shallow beaches and sandy shores…and apparently a ‘gator.

If you look at the ‘gator photo again, you’ll probably notice it’s a baby ‘gator.   Cute, but clever enough to escape from the little zoo up there along US-2.   Clever enough to hide in the vegetation along the shore.  Clever enough, probably, to find . . .  food.

Those of you who’ve read here before may know that my favorite kind of humor is hyperbole, followed closely by absurdity and irony.   I think this news story qualifies.

Well, back to my Saturday night movies.   “Megalodon versus Crocosaurus”  is coming on soon.

Maybe I’ll learn something.

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