Here they are:

SAMSUNGI believe that’s Butch Cassidy in the center, seated.

In August of 1896 Butch Cassidy and his gang robbed a bank up in Idaho.    Then they came down to Winnemucca, Nevada, and robbed another bank.  They were getting quite a reputation and law enforcement people were on the lookout for “Butch Cassidy and The Wild Bunch.”

And then. .  .  they went down to Texas, spent some of their “new found”  money, and posed for this picture with a professional photographer.   The photo became popular and was widely distributed.

These are bank robbers!    Criminals.    The bad guys.   Lawbreakers who took people’s money in the days when there was no reimbursement,  no insurance.   But nobody arrested them that day in Texas.      They were having a photo op.

On a recent Western road trip I found the photo on a post card, for sale,  in Winnemucca!     Winnemucca had  a little display of the famous criminals who had “visited” them more than a hundred years ago and had robbed them of their money.   There were trinkets, souvenirs, framed pictures, post cards, and not a little local pride.

Some of the American public overlooked their Lawlessness and made heroes of them, and I wonder if this early tendency to turn  unworthy people into celebrities  became the seed which grew into our national willingness to tolerate the Lawlessness of our leaders, close our eyes, and vote for the one who has most successfully convinced us that he is a celebrity.

(And of course I use the rules of English grammar, using the word “he” when the sex of the subject could be either or is undetermined.)

Following a celebrity is fun.   Following someone who convinces the public that he is popular makes us feel we’re included in the popularity.     Troublesome issues like is the person  qualified with experience or citizenship,  does the person follow the laws, does the person violate the Constitution of our country,  is the person educated in the history of our country,  does the person aid and abet our enemies —  little issues like that are divisive anyway.    Half of us care –  half of us don’t care.   See?  That’s dividing us if we ask the serious questions.

Hats off in Tribute to our Rulers who (on election Tuesdays)  understand our love of celebrities!!    They knew what they were doing.

The next seven days will be very busy ones for me, but I would like to put forth some issues about the Spirit of Lawlessness which has taken root and flourished all over the world.    It has implications for us.    We’re dealing with the consequences.   And it was all predicted.    There has been Lawlessness before, of course,  but never has an entire world been so enmeshed in corruption and deceit and blatant breaking of every Law that was created for our benefit by those great men who had built up the very civilization we are tearing down.

But ain’t it fun!

Who’s your favorite . . . (whatever)   ?

Who are you going to vote for this time?       Another “Wild Bunch” ?

Fun questions.   But Lawlessness is never rewarded;  it is judged and punished.

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  1. jon Says:

    We need a present day Pinkerton!

  2. Oh, yes! Law enforcement at its best! An antidote to lawlessness?

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