Consider this a Fairy Tale;  a work of Fiction, but it will be a  brief interruption in my Road Trip – for a Tribute to Tuesdays  (11-06-12 among others).

I have a busy life — or maybe it’s just a busy mind. SAMSUNG

 Tuesday’s Tribute to our Triumphant Rulers is one day late this time because I’ve been busy moving books,  because I have a lot of bookshelves to move,  because some of those color samples will be on my floors within about six weeks,  because the current carpeting is more than forty years old –  yuck – and because, with Hubbie gone now,  I’m learning about house maintenance.

How much time does it take to  move a couple  dozen bookshelves and their occupants?    I’ll try to save enough time and energy to end that Road Trip in tonight’s posting.   Nevertheless,  there is an interesting and rather important Tribute to make:

Caesars statueYou probably recognize that as a photo of a statue of Augustus Caesar.  We don’t call them caesars anymore;  nor tsars;  nor even kings.    In fact,  the Committee of 300 that rules us  (taking orders themselves from the globalists who rule them)   still place a figurehead in the highest seats of the various nations and then let the nations call them what they want:  prime minister,   president, “Our Dear Leader,”   whatever.    

Know your history – or else! 

 Caesars bust  I’m sure you’ll remember these various terms from your high school history books:   autocrat,  plutocracy,  oligarchy,  democracy . . .   let’s see, dictator . . . .   Because if you  don’t know these kinds of terms you will not recognize them when they’re staring you in the face  — or controlling you.

 Know your history – or else!  (Yes,  that’s a threat,  but not from me.)

So,  from today’s news,   a “revelation”   that we are not exactly in charge of. . . anything.

Minuscle,  near-zero

I was alerted to a recent study through the Breitbart news service which has  links to stories around the world.  

A startling new political science study concludes that corporate interests and mega wealthy individuals control U.S. policy to such a degree that “the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy.”

The statistical research looked at public attitudes on nearly 1,800 policy issues and determined that government almost always ignores the opinions of average citizens and adopts the policy preferences of monied business interests when shaping the contours of U.S. laws.    (Link to article)

( I apologize for the annoying pop-up and/or pop-up video if you click on any of the links in  this posting today, but they seem to be harmless and are only one click away from doing away with them.)

  “The Hill” is a Washington DC fairly liberal observer-type Website (and newspaper)  but they are reporting this same “revelation” too.  “The Hill” article ends with these two sentences:

This study should be a loud wake-up call to the vast majority of Americans who are bypassed by their government. To reclaim the promise of American democracy, ordinary citizens must act positively to change the relationship between the people and our government.   ( again, a link to article)


And that is just why those who hold the highest office in our land can break our laws and defy our Constitution and ignore written policies  without any fear of reprisal.     We are “bypassed.”  They are the free ones.

Need an example?   You can find one or two or three new examples every day if you read independent or foreign news about what’s going on in America.  Today’s example is about the  Empire State Building and its owners.  They have a policy that they will not light up the tower in support of political figures and campaigns.   Except, now, the City wants the Democratic National Convention to be in New York –   so — forget that policy.   

According to CNS news service,  they have just announced that they will soon  light up the top of their skyscraper in the color Blue — for two days! — in honor of the Democratic National Convention selection committee.    Honor the Democrats, they will come to town.        (Link to article)  

It is the Spirit of Lawlessness that the Bible teaches us about.   This isn’t totally about Democrats, though.   Even the Democrats are beginning to notice that  our Rulers don’t pay attention to them either.   They are increasingly vocally angry that the man that was put into our wh it e  how se  has repeatedly “ignored their advice    (you know,  “Advise and Consent”?  the duty of the Congress?)    on what do to in Iraq,  for instance,  and now, Democrat leaders say,  as a consequence,  ISIS is beheading people in Iraq.   (And I could add beating, stoning,  cutting children in halves,  gouging  out eyes,  and crucifying people.   Beheading sounds like the easy way out compared to these tortures.)

 But the point is even the Democrats who thought their votes counted are beginning to realize that they don’t count for much at all.   

Who can help?
There are more people receiving their  living from the State than there are Americans working for their  own living.  Would the slightly more than half of American non-workers who are dependent upon the State be willing to take “positive action”  (as stated in the article above)?   Any action?

But what would “acting positively”  actually look like?

Hats off to our Rulers.   They’ve conquered our country.   Please.     I’m so sorry to those in the Middle East who have looked to us for  leadership, and for help, to help defend you against the forces of murderous evil which are prevailing in the world.      I think the Rulers have other ideas.

We too are a conquered people.     So far.     I love my country so much,  but I think  this is a time to remember who’s who and what should be what.

And now I have more books to move. . . .




(Apologies for frequent “updates.”   WordPress seems to have a new format in which I can’t see the changes I’m making as I write.  I’ll learn soon.)

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