bear seeing you  One of the bears menacing us (right now, here in this country, every day) is what has been called The Spirit of Lawlessness or  The Spirit of Anomia.  

Anomia:   a Greek word which can be translated into simple English as “lawlessness.”


When the Spirit of Lawlessness prevails,  there is a heavy price to pay, a heavy burden, as though we’ve put on ourselves a harsh yoke of turmoil, uncertainty, economic and personal loss, fear, and pain, and the uneasy certainty of consequences.


Every act of lawlessness, whether small or large,  significant or seemingly  insignificant,  from the most public to the most private,   contributes to this spirit until it seems like it is natural to breathe such heavy, contaminated air.    But  we need not choose to be under this yoke.

We have laws, and our laws are not “broken.”   The leaders are not enforcing the laws and the people are not following the laws.

We don’t need new laws or updated laws or broader laws.   Our leaders are not applying the laws we have, and we, as a people,  don’t seem to mind that they don’t – when it comes to our personal advantage.

But that’s the issue:     this country was founded deliberately upon the principle of Equality of All Citizens Before the Law.   Our Founders wrote good laws, good guidance for making laws as needed,  and then intended that the laws apply to everyone,  whether public officials or private citizens.

Obeying the law is matter of public ethics and personal, private morality.     A sense of lawfulness and order produces the “peace and justice”  that we expect from a civil society.

So why discuss this on a Tuesday’s Tribute?   If the Spirit of Lawlessness prevails,  society breaks down with all its order and safety.   There is no hope for peace or prosperity.


And then who benefits?   

Once the society is thoroughly broken down,  then the society can be “transformed”  according to a new agenda — someone else’s.   If we can be convinced that America is not good and worthy of protection there are those who will step in to provide their values for us.  If we are lawless ourselves, allowing ourselves to live without law, logic, reason, or religious guidance,   then surely our elections will exhibit this Spirit of Lawlessness and we will be ruled by lawless leaders on behalf of the Lawless One.

It’s easy if they don’t have to obey our laws.  So easy.  As we heard the menacing words of the frustrated person that our Rulers placed into our whit  e  how se:  “I have a phone and a pen.”

If we act lawlessly, publicly and privately, then we invite someone else’s  values to rule over us.

yoke black

Tuesday’s Tribute:   Hat’s off to the cleverness of our Rulers in distracting us from the burden of their yoke.


We’ve been cautioned against this lawlessness for quite some time.  (II Thessalonians 2:7)

There is some small comfort for me to learn that this dangerous sense of lawless entitlement to do whatever we want has been described well in writings from 1600-1610, approximately.  (Our Lady of Good Success –   “Success,”  as in coming through difficult, dangerous, painful times like childbirth,  with only God as your companion)

 And then again a few other times, until the 19th century when there were more frequent warnings about this lawless immorality which would occur at the end of our Age.  By the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century the warnings became urgent and dire,  accompanied by a doleful attitude, almost as though the consequences of lawlessness were to be,  for us, inevitable.

Dove of Peace outline

God is merciful and patient — until it is time to not be so anymore.


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