This is a post in two parts.  I give you fair warning:   Don’t read the second part, if you’d like to stay comfortable.     Please don’t.

The first part is this — We are probably going to need a few of these:


Yes, he’s a crusader, honored because of his role in saving Europe – and Western Civilization –  from a powerful approaching barbarous army.    We’ll actually need quite a few of them.

Any men out there to fill his shoes in this century?    Of course there are.    Enough men?

I don’t know.   If I were the enemy,  I’d spend a few years convincing the West that they need not be worried,  that if they’d just make nice,  everything will turn out well.     “If you wage peace,  you’ll get peace.”   (heh heh)     Perhaps enough would believe that – and then there wouldn’t be “enough men”  to resist.

SATURDAY  is Our Lady’s Day – in Christendom.    Western Civilization is inextricably linked with Christendom,  lose one, you lose both; and so I think of Our Lady today — and all those who were able to rise and fight for her and for the continued existence of Christendom.  Over and over again.   Every few centuries.

And now, again, in the early part of the 20th century,  there was one man who was paying attention;  one man who looked past the rise of Hitler’s national socialism, looked past the murderous dictatorship of t Marxist socialism, and saw the real threat to civilization.   His name is Hilaire Belloc, a well-respected literary figure of Great Britain, and he warned that in the latter years of the 20th century we would see the recrudescence of Islam which would prove to be an even greater threat than those two enemy-ideologies that caught our attention earlier last century.

220px-Hilaire_Belloc_Portrait     In this photo it looks like he’d make a good knight-crusader, ready to take up arms as the man of the statue above had to.         Educated at Oxford,  England;  honors in history;  master of the English language which suggests he thinks clearly and well.   Quite a sportsman too.

Belloc knows war, he’s a veteran of WWI.     This is no sissy living in his books,  making up theories and  principles about society which don’t work in the real world.    His writings prove him to be a good analyst of the challenges we face.


If you’re thinking about skipping church tomorrow,  this might be a good man to know –  and then think twice about chucking Christianity, avoiding the real hard issues we face.

And that’s all for part one of this post:  “Recrudescence; The Prequel.”       Stop here.

Unless you have a willingness to prepare,  mind, body, and spirit . . . .   Prepared to fight.

Bar wavy

Part Two begins:

Because the enemy is prepared, and they have a Map and a Method.

Here is there  Map – Phase One:

MAP  Caliphate

If you don’t know your history,  you will not understand.   If you do know history  (or are learning it)  you will recognize the territory that is being claimed.   Phase One.    More phases to follow.

By “rights”,  the whole world “belongs to”  the crescent moon god.

That was the Map;  here is the Method:


The Method is called by that T word…  I’ll not get the spider bots activated by spelling it out just yet.

The T word is a noun in the dictionary.   You don’t fight dictionary words;  you fight actual armies who do these kinds of things and have you on their To-Do-Next  list.

Why is there blood on their faces?     Because commonly  before the crucifixion the eyes are gouged out.

Recrudescence.  Let us understand that dictionary word.



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