Yeah,  that’s  “when,”   not “where.”  (Trying to keep it ladylike here.)

SAMSUNGWell, anyway,  I guess there is a  “where”  —  my front lawn.   And “when the sun don’t shine”  is high noon.  Hot sun blazing down –  just not much  shining on my lawn.

You’d think that would be a good thing, lots of shade,  keeping cool. . . . But here’s the reality:


Looking like a UFO landing site is one of several large circular patches of lawn fungus,   like a Fairy Ring without the mushrooms outlining it.

But the mushrooms were busy creating their version of a starry sky on a  green background:


Just overnight, these mushroom sprung up all over.

Here are the culprits:

SAMSUNGThat’s not my house, but those are my trees.    The trees are tall and old;   old beyond “mature.”     And if you notice,  three in this photo have a decided   l e a n  to them.   There are so many other trees nearby that they have to grow up leaning over to reach a bit of sunlight.

Son has a remedy for these three.    It’s called a Chain Saw.


The three leaning trees were leaning away from my house,  but there is one more big thick oak tree that is leaning right at me.  Its diameter is somewhere between two and three feet.   More like three.

So I haven’t been blogging this week because I’ve been busy  being a homeowner.   Still working hard to remove everything from the main rooms of the house before the new carpeting comes.   Still working on emptying the big planters that held the poor blighted tomato plants.     Big heavy planters.

And then this tree problem came up, and it’s proved to be a very, very big task.

Remember that “UFO landing site” photo above?


Found this old cartoon clipping while I was moving the contents of my filing cabinet….

And this “removing the trees”  project might just be a little bigger than I thought!


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