Hats off to the Fifth Dimension for the title of this post, and that’s just what we’ve been doing.

Pine blue max

Son appeared at my doorstep yesterday afternoon,   chain saw in hand, (just about) — and a plan in his mind.    We  had to open up the property as I explained in the last post, remove some trees, and “let the sun shine in.”     He started with one side of the yard,  and  in a very short time it seemed like my property was twenty or thirty feet wider.

This was my apple tree.


It’s okay.   It gave me one apple this year and about ten spring blossoms.  It was old and really didn’t have any room to grow up through the taller trees.

And then Son chose the next one:


In person…. in real life…   it truly looks dead.    Even my next door neighbor gently suggested it could come down.    That’s Son tying cord around the tree trunk – the better to pull it down on top of him. . . .

SAMSUNGMaking the first cut.


And with this small cut we heard the first  “c r a c k”!     The pine wood is dense and heavy.

Almost before anyone was ready, it continued to come down on its own:


Right across our not-very-busy street.


But the race was on.    Inevitably there would be cars, and it was Son’s job to get that tree off the road!     (He was the only one with the chain saw.)


We caught the attention of our neighbor.   Son cut the branches off the main trunk and our neighbor and I pulled them out and across the road and into our driveway and lawn.     We built a mountain of branches!    And we all felt pressure to hurry.

Ever see a man running with a chain saw buzzing?

SAMSUNGBack and forth,  on the run,   with our dear neighbor yelling, “No, no, no….”    That’s about the third time that day he found reason to say that.   He cares about us a lot.

Eventually we cleared the road, and Son kept working on the branches.    He said he was removing the “fluff”  and it was amazing how all that volume disappeared:

SAMSUNGWell, I was doing more than just taking pictures.

I did my share of branch dragging, and then it was time for the woman’s work —


That’s the street in front of my house.    There was only one way to clean all that up – with a broom.   For about an hour!

Then, as it got dark,  while the chain saw was still going,   I got to do more woman’s work – thank goodness!    I managed to make pitchers of iced tea,  put together some salads, and grill some hamburgers and steak. . . .

. . . .   all of which had to go unphotographed —  no more strength in my arms to hold a camera up.

One big tree down.

Four more to go.



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