I got fooled.    I will admit it:


I “won’t mention any names,”  but . . . I got fooled by the “organic”  word on the label.

It was hot up here in the Far North, about 77 degrees,  and so humid!    Son and I – still working on the trees and the branches that lay scattered all over our yard —   were hot and tired and thirsty and we needed food and drink.    I don’t usually shop “in the center aisles”  but this time I was too tired to hand-squeeze juice or even use the juicer,  so I decided to buy some ready-made juice.

It didn’t cost very much — that should have been a clue —  but the words seemed right.   It says “juice,”  and it says “organic.”       “Honest” !

I even read the label, but I think my eyes just blurred over the words.  I was too thirsty!     The label said:  organic white grape juice from concentrate.   I should have remembered what’s in “concentrate.”     Sounds like they just take the water out, right?     Then do you know what they do with that “concentrated” juice?    They store it.   They combine it with other juices,  store it, and they have to add chemicals so it doesn’t get moldy or full of bacteria.   They have to “stabilize” the juice.  It can’t ferment.

Same with the concord grape juice from concentrate.

And “natural flavors.”    As long as they start with one molecule from the natural plant, no matter what other chemical substances they add to enhance the flavor,  they can call it natural.   This is where they add the three and four syllable substances – including monosodium glutamate and aspartame, if they want to.

Later in the label there was organic natural flavors .  . . .  uh-huh    After a couple of nasty-tasting swallows, I wasn’t buying that either.

And then:  filtered water.  Sounds nice that they filter it, but this is where you get your fluoride poison … they usually use fluoridated city tap water to reconstitute the juices,  filtered or not.

I thought it was just me,   just my mouth —  but no,  this really didn’t taste right.   The modern world strikes again — using all the right words to create an illusion.

So that is the parable.    It was a prologue to several news stories this week, all reminding me that “they” are playing mind games with us, and they’re so very, very good at it.

The Health Control Bill that we will all suffer under is labeled  “Affordable.”     But a study reported on today estimates that this year small business employees, as a whole,  will give $26.2 billion to the national-federal government  bureaucracy.    Not that they can “afford”  it.  That’s about $827 per employee.     But next year that amount increases.    And the next year it will increase again.    (the American Action Forum)    And that’s only one small example of the many ways we are paying so much money to be able to “afford”  this law.

And then it’s not “medical care”  or “health care”  that you’re getting;  it’s medical insurance redistribution.   With way fewer doctors.

I understand there was a “speech” given to the nation last night in which it was stated that the Islamic State is not of Islam,  and just because they have declared war on us doesn’t mean we are “at war.”   Well,  I guess we don’t have to worry about “winning”  then.

It’s like a game:  see how many words used in the media have the opposite meaning from how the word is implied.    Read the title of any bill our legislators are trying to pass.   The title will indicate just what effect the bill will have, which is the opposite of the words used in that title.

Net “neutrality” ?    The people in positions of government, of whatever party,  will tell you what they think is “neutral.”    The Fairness Act:     When governments control the content and quality of the Internet,   who will they be “fair” to?   How about the U.N.  in charge of our Internet?    They’ll tell us what “fair” is.

“Hope and Change”  and the “Transformation” of America?    These good words may just put us in a “trance”  so that we don’t see what someone else’s idea for “Change” really means.

Watch those words!   Watch those labels!    If you’re really thirsty,  and if you’re told you really, really want this something to drink,   you may not be understanding what the label is really offering you.



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