I need a diversion.    I totally trashed this day;  accomplished nothing;  got all gloomy with the dark skies all day;  got seriously alarmed with some developments in the news;   ended the day with a three-hour power outage.     These are the kinds of days that diversions are for!

Here’s the Rule for my What’s It series:   it will be a photo of something that no one knows what it is;  not even me.  I won’t trick you.   No one knows what these What’s Its are.   A real photo of an unknown something.


what's itIt’s a rectangle carved into the surrounding rock or soil.   It seems to have a pool of liquid.blue something  in its “floor,”  and there are little streams of blue liquid running down into the pool, maybe leaking out from the bottom of that back edge.

Is there a structure leading the liquid down into the pool?

Is this a flooded mining operation?

If you have any ideas,  I think NASA would like to know,  because this photo was taken from a Mars orbiting satellite (I forgot the name just now),  about a year ago in 2013, and it’s looking down at the surface of Mars.

I will try to put all the What’s Its on a page of their own some day here, but the search engine at the bottom of the right-hand column will lead you to other What’s Its.  Just type in What’s It.       The natural world is so much bigger than we are!     The created universe makes us humans seem like just one tiny family, with very small  differences between us.

And I just now checked —  this photo was taken from the Mars Express,  a robotic orbiter sent up there to take photos.


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