I’m “not blogging” today because all my possessions are tangled up together.

My last post was entitled “In suspension” — and when you try to stuff the contents of six rooms into your kitchen, bathroom, and garage (and cars),  then there is nothing else you can do but live in a state of “suspension.”

My theory is that no matter how methodical and deliberate you are,  the more time given to dis-organizing an organization,   the more chaos is likely to develop.   I think this goes for the breakdown of a society (the longer a society begins to come apart, the less likely it will be that it can get back on track again);  it goes for a healthy physical body (the longer the body breaks down because of disease or abuse,  the more difficult it is to recover);  and for a house —  for a house!! —  no matter how carefully you take your house apart, even  if you are very methodical and attentive,  you’re going to have no idea how to put it back together again.


I lived in a jumble of furniture and  books and  the contents of all my closets and drawers — and wires!     If these wires held my life together,  I’d be in big trouble right now.

I carefully took things apart, taking notes,  taking photos:


That used to be my “everything” center —  sound, video, computer . . . .study, entertainment,  information.

Think I can remember how all the components had related to each other?



The carpeters have come and gone now, and they were pretty happy with the six empty rooms,  but  I’m alone again, and I have to try to reassemble this house.   This is my “kitchen” —  still unable to walk a straight line in my own kitchen!


I’ve managed to find the router and the Ethernet cord, so I can visit The Spruce Tunnel.

I am, however, still without football this weekend . . . .


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