Nuts!   . . . . as in pistachio nuts.    A favorite of mine.


And apparently a favorite of the mice army which invaded this house two winters ago.

That’s Son in the picture,  Dyson-ing out the stash of pistachio nuts that the mice put into my subwoofer.

Big events coming up this weekend at The Spruce Tunnel!!   So we’re working very hard, non-stop, to try to put the house back in  order after our carpeting event.

We ARE working hard,  but you never know what little complications you’re going to run into (“oh, no, this doesn’t fit anymore”)  or how long little repairs will take (“might as well fix this now while we have it apart”)  or what other “charming”  little surprises you’ll find tucked away in your house.

Well, the subwoofer works just fine now, even after all the  shaking, rapping,  and twirling to get the pistachios to fall down from out of the wiring and into the place where we could vacuum them up from the tiny little slot.   The new TV/sound system booms out high definition bass without any nutty rattling.

Just in time for the football games this weekend!

A big thanks to Son.


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