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October 31, 2014


“It was a dark and stormy night…” (*)  may be the opening words of the truly “worst novel ever written,”  but here in the Far North,   it really WAS a dark and stormy night.

Perfect!  for Halloween!

Dark.   Strong gusty winds.   Snow showers.   Leaves rustling and wind roaring through the trees.

Perfect!  for wrapping up in a nice cozy fleece blanket and reading a semi-interesting book about the settling of the old West.

Hallowe’en is for children, and it’s fun to help them have a good scary fun time. . .   Tomorrow is All Saints Day –  honoring the “all Hallowed” people whom we have this All Hallows Evening for.    Today was Friday, and we give thanks by remembering that Friday almost two thousand years ago when God made peace between Himself and mankind — so that one day, believing,  we can walk those hallowed streets of Heaven, hallowed ourselves,  with the Hallowed saints who came before us.

Life is good and full and filled with interesting holidays and holy days and seasons changing and duties to do and feelings to feel and pleasures to enjoy.   These “dark and stormy” nights remind us of all the variety that comes our way.   Do it ALL!            (Happy Halloween!)

Bar wavy

(*)  —  Opening lines of novel  Paul Clifford  by author  Edward Bulwer-Lytton  


October 30, 2014

Sorry, been gone for a while.   And I wasn’t all right —


I’ve been zapped.   Mind very seriously disrupted by a strong wi-fi signal and I didn’t know where it was coming from.  Took me a few days to realize what was wrong,  took me a few days to figure out how to stop it,  and it’s taking me a few days to recover.    I’m still pretty furious.    According to the World Health Organization  about 88%  to 95%  of the people of the world are asymptomatic.   That is,  they do not feel or do not recognize the damage being done to their bodies.    I also know that those people really do not take the damage seriously and are very casual about  spewing their RFs,  EMFs,  microwave/cell phone signals onto the rest of us.

But I’m getting better,  I’m functioning again,  and the anger is fading.

But that’s not the world I’m welcoming you to.   As I’m returning to conscious awareness,  I find myself in the middle of a truly bizarre world.  A funny one at that!

Today is the day of one of my classes.   That means I have to drive downtown,  through our local Big Ten University campus,     pick up the key to the classroom;  and then drive that route again back and forth in the evening.       During a traffic stop in front of the campus in the afternoon when the sidewalks were crowded,  I noticed a man walking – with a cigarette in one hand,  a drink in the other,  and wearing an old sweatshirt and a black skirt.   Looked three times.   Yep.     It was a skirt.   And he had a nice black beard too.   Oh, well.   It’s a university type of place.

After class tonight, on my way home,  as I waited for another traffic light near campus,  there across the street  was another man –  bare-chested,  (nice big muscles too),   wearing a black cape across one shoulder  …   and a nice black gladiator kilt trimmed in silver.     Very nice.

tire iron   Before I got  home, I stopped at our local grocery store for some produce.   And there, coming out of the produce area,  was a lady –  dressed all in black, long black skirt and cloak —  holding a tire iron.  You know, the four-pronged lug wrench thing that you loosen lugnuts with.   I get that we’re nearing Halloween,  but is this a witch with a tire iron?   A Goth with a tire iron?

Things aren’t quite making sense yet.

I’m returning to the news/entertainment world too, and I find equally bizarre stories.     There is a nurse who studied for her degree at the same university in Texas that is working on genetically manipulating the ebola virus.   She was trained by the CDC to be an “intelligence officer.”   Her job is to study populations,  report on them,  and then to work on what kind of information should get out to  control  populations.  The CDC is a powerful government agency and this is government work.     This nurse is also an activist for far-left causes,   and she’s a big supporter of the Health Control Bill which gives Big Government the authority to distribute medical “care” according to the most profitable bottom line.

This same nurse is now under mandatory quarantine because she is one of those who have been exposed to people sick with the ebola virus.

And she says she finds she doesn’t like “government” telling her what to do with her life.   (Isn’t that what all her training and work experience was  all about?)   This is truly a bizarre world –  but not always a funny one.

I’m still a little grouchy and headachy tonight.   Hope to recover more of my normal good nature soon.   I have a lot of catching up to do!





October 25, 2014

Got some stuff to share . . .   um . . . . but  not yet . . .  I’m preoccupied  right now . . . .



Saturday, you know.

Is there a better season than Fall?

Enjoy the day!    This one will never come again.



October 25, 2014


You have to read the sign twice to get the joke —


I was doing some business in this little shopping area when I noticed this sign.     It’s Friday and I was planning to get fish,  but  I wasn’t planning to get fish from a farm.   “Farm fresh tomatoes,” okay;   “farm fresh corn on the cob,” okay.

But, seriously,  ever since I read Clive Cussler’s “White Death”  I haven’t willingly purchased “farm-raised”  fish.

It’s tough to feel good about the fish that’s for sale nowadays.    I’ve learned too much about fish farming to feel comfortable with that source.     Microscopic particles rain down on us from the chemtrails, which add metals like aluminum, barium, and cadmium to our fish flesh.    Wild-caught fish from the Pacific Ocean have tumors and lesions —  so sad to see — reportedly from the radiation that is flowing out  at staggering rates from the broken-open reactors at Fukushima.   Here in the Far North decades-long industrial runoff has contaminated our rivers and lakes which makes our fish unsafe to eat in any great quantity.

They tell us not to eat fish more than once a week.   Oh, well.     That’s Friday, then.

If I’m not going to eat the farmed fish, at least I can get a little laugh at the sign.     I have visions of Squanto teaching the Pilgrims to plant a fish inside their little mounds of seeds.    But then Squanto’s own fish harvest came from a cleaner ocean.

I guess our world needs a good cleansing.    Until then, I’ll be a finicky fish eater.



October 21, 2014


That Tuesday,  11-06-12,   gave us . . . .

A very important woman.

Marie Antoinette

“Mich.-the-first-spouse-who-lives-in-our-wh-it*e-ho*use” has commanded that children be fed according to her image of what a good lunch should be.

Someone got ahold of what was on the lunch menu where the two First Daughters go to school  (Sidwell Friends) and published it for the rest of us to see.

Here is “school lunch”  –


October 16, 2014
Cauliflower Masala Soup
Roasted Vegetable & Israeli Couscous Salad
A Taste of India
Mixed Greens with Avocado & Sunflower Seeds
All-natural Chicken Curry
Vegetable Tikka Masala
Turmeric Roasted Carrots
Basmati Rice
Sliced Pineapple

Doesn’t look like anything to complain about, does it?   Fit for a king! — or the children of a king.

The Lady has decreed that government school lunch menus would include the four basic food groups but not include salts, fats, sugars, or excessive calories.  There are numerous criticisms from the medical and child development field that the new guidelines do not allow enough calories for growing children.   Schoolchildren are complaining of not getting enough to eat and what they have is unpalatable.     Researchers at Cornell University and Brigham Young University have concluded that about $4,000,000 worth of food  is wasted every day.

Complaints don’t really matter though;  America elected a Big State to take charge of what our children eat.

One young man last week, on the same date as the menu above,  took a photo of his school lunch and shared it with us –


That’s what he was given.     School officials replied that this lunch represents all four food groups:  there is some cauliflower, some cheese, some applesauce, maybe, some  meat. some cheese, and two WHOLE WHEAT crackers.   Sheeesh!   What more could you ask for?

The children at Sidwell Friends weren’t complaining.

Tuesday’s Tribute:   Hats off to our Rulers.    They know how to eat — and they know how to feed the rest of us.




October 20, 2014

(Too tired for much  tonight.   Too much football , I think.)

Been studying French again.

I’ll just share a little French with you,   once the language of rectitude and common sense –


Pour tout la vie


Ils sont tres contents.

THE ISSUES OF THE WEEK: 19th Sunday, Post Pentecost

October 20, 2014

For many more than a thousand years back,  Christians have heard on this particular Sunday these words:  “Salus populi ego sum….”   ” I am the salvation of the people.”

It’s the reassuring voice of God spoken to people in whatever generation, whatever century they have lived in.    Every generation has its issues to worry about, and on this first day of the week,  I know that the succeeding days of  this week will present us with “issues” and “worries” too.     Christians must juggle the command in Romans 13 with the information given to us in Revelation 13.     Do we pray for our rulers (Romans 13)?  Or do we fear them and prepare for their  coming assault on us (Revelation 13)?

One thing is certain:  Although we know that there is One True Holy God who is our only hope, our only salvation,  he is not a magician who will keep all tribulation away from us.   He does not offer us an easy remedy:

take two tablets

But I guess that cartoon doesn’t  really depict an “easy remedy.”     It carries a truth:   Western Civilization was built upon Judeo-Christian principles, of which the Two Tablets of the Ten Commandments are its perennial and eternal moral guidelines.

Maybe that cartoon is saying the same thing we heard in the Introit prayer today:    “Salus populi ego sum –  I am the salvation of the people… whatever tribulation they shall cry to me, I will hear them and I will be their Lord forever.

“….in whatever tribulation….”         All those various news threads we fussed about last week:   containing ebola,  the EV D-68 killing and paralyzing our children,   Isis amok,   Christians killed for going to church, a 17-year-old young man crucified this week,  radiation levels higher than humanity has ever experienced before,  world economy on its last legs -last weeks?-last days?,   approaching war,   and the Church itself trying to  devour its own teachings  . . .   All these and other  dangers we face are our tribulations this time, this generation, this century.

Looking to God and His guidelines is a way of acknowledging Him and calling on Him  and looking to Him for our Help.

And in  calling out to  God,   (in whatever tribulation they shall cry to me)  we are assured that past generations  were heard and made it through their trials and continued on.

Until now.

Georgia, 2014

October 18, 2014

It’s been a busy week,  a good busy week, and I haven’t been around much to do any serious blogging.    So how about a little fun on this Saturday?

At least I think it’s “fun.”

guidestones-and-krisThat’s a photo of me, standing in the Georgia Guidestones.   Hubbie and I took a road trip to Florida one year, maybe ten years ago,  and along the way we stopped in Georgia.  I think we both didn’t believe the Guidestones existed, we wanted to be assured that this is just a conspiracy theory sort of thing,  and we weren’t expecting to find them standing in an eerie sort of silence in a farmer’s field in Georgia.

But there they were.

I’ve written about them before,   (here, for instance), and you can Google more information about them.   There really are strange “commandments”  carved into each giant slab, same words, different languages of the world.   They are rather menacing, humanity-hating sort of commandments.  No one would have the power to enforce them,  right?

Well, someone’s been here since Hubbie and I visited them, and that somebody has added some numbers:

guidestone 2014 plaquePeople have been noticing that the year 2014 was recently attached at the top of one of the slabs — between the English and the Spanish ones, I think.   Many have taken photos and posted the little 2014 addition.

Here is a photo of how that place looked before the “2014”  was put up there:

giodestones without plaque

Turns out the little groove for the year-date plaque in the upper-right hand corner was already carved out, waiting there.

So why was “2014” put up there?   And who did it?

giodestone someone knows

Someone knows.  Someone on the other end of that camera knows.    Someone “official.”



October 14, 2014


Sometimes the news about America is so bad,  so dismaying,  so awful,  that I want to say “That’s not us!    We aren’t doing this!  We are a captive nation!”   I wonder when things are going to Pop!      How much longer. . . ?

I  wrote in the last post, Tuesday’s Tribute,  that there needs to be push-back against what has been done to us.

We need to reach into our former founding characteristics, based upon Christian principles,    and “push back” against those rule us differently now.   Good people can rule themselves;  and only good people are capable of ruling themselves.

Normally, I read a lot of international news.    I’ve found examples of  two responses to the global dominance that seeks to change each sovereign nation;   neither story has ended yet, and we don’t know how far these trends will go.  The first one is the home of my family’s origins:



Not too large a population, but the population has been rising dramatically recently.   But not with baby Swedes.    The very well managed mass migration of African and Arab Muslims into Sweden is responsible for most of the increase.    Swedes are “nice” people,  by and large.   Undemonstrative.     That is,  they don’t “demonstrate”  their feelings very noticeably.

They don’t “push back”   readily.

Peace-loving people?   Harmless to others?      They are not even allowed, by their globally-influenced rulers,  to own guns.   However, statistics show that all kinds of violent crimes are rising rapidly.  If you are a Swedish woman,  you have a one in four chance of being raped.   If you ride a Swedish city bus,  you may expect the bus to be boarded by foreigners intent upon robbing you.   (When these African gangs were asked why they did this to the country that had taken them in and is giving them so much free money for living expenses, they answered:  “Because the Swedes are so easy to rob, they don’t fight back.”)

There are many shootings each week and a murder (by gunshot) on average every other day!   The occasion of this last news article was six people shot in one day.

One time I read that a whole little Swedish village had moved…several miles away.  Just relocated themselves because of the dangers of the new “immigrants” —   which the UN calls “refugees”   —  which the “immigrants”  themselves call part of their plan to extend their caliphate worldwide.

Despite devastating economic conditions and fears of personal safety,  there are few signs of effective  push-back yet from Swedes. (Where, oh, where are the descendants of the Rus Vikings?)

On the opposite end of the world,  there is perhaps a growing movement to push back against this forced migration:

No Way

“No way!  You will not make Australia home!”

“No way.”    Kind of has an American-sounding  ring  to it,  eh?



October 14, 2014

big birf botes
That would be YOU!  —  “Mentally slow and limited.”

Or in the words of a socialist master:    Writing in Mein Kampf about how to manipulate people and win power, Adolf Hitler said that since the average person had a very limited memory and a “slowness of understanding,” it was necessary to use only short, catchy slogans and repeat them often. 

Hope and Change!

Slogans all;  and very effective in “transforming”  public opinion.

fr rev flag

For a couple of centuries now these revolutionaries/progressive social engineers have been cleverly learning how to manipulate the voting groups of “democratic republics”   (people’s republics/soviet-socialist republics) and to  mold public opinion in their favor.

Theyv’e learned to move slowly and persistently through several generations because sudden overt takeovers produce consequences they cannot always control.     Much better to take the long view, so that the population of a nation, new generations, don’t even realize that their heritage has been dissolved even while the SAME traditional words are being used.

Verbal engineering precedes social engineering.   

And we’ve been masterfully socially engineered.

We have indeed been so “slow to understand”  as in the quotation above,  that we scarcely blink an eye when we hear a pronouncement that contradicts reality, commonsense, or common decency.

dictionary words

I’m too tired to throw a lot of examples at you from all my notes;  they break my heart anyway.    However,  unlike our progressive/socialist leaders who need us to be slow to catch on, dimwitted, and limited in our imagination,  I don’t think you are.   You can gather examples of their deceptive manipulation every day.

We can recognize this procedure;  we can push back and be the nation we were meant to be.

In fact  unless there is a push-back from us,  the “mentally slow and limited”  people,   they will continue to rule over us, whether we like it or not.

So a weak, but angry “tribute”  to the success of our Rulers.  They counted our votes last time.  They put their people in office.

Another election is coming up soon.

And just a reminder about that top picture I used:  do you remember all the pictures of Big Bird holding “Obama”  posters?  “Vote for Obama”  buttons?   Of Sesame Street characters telling Big Bird that “Romney would grind up Big Bird and use him for meat” ?     How young are these voters anyway?

big bird says

And you remember, of course, what Lord Acton said would happen if “good men did nothing.”



October 13, 2014

col 3 ships

Really, this whole day could be a tribute to the spirit of exploration and discovery and the courage and intelligence and the urge to do good that the human race manifests from time to time!    The life of Christopher Columbus (as we call him in English) presents us with all these good qualities.

We used to teach our children what this man had accomplished, and it’s part of our American heritage, and a big part of the pride of our Italian-Americans!

We deprive our children nowadays of their heritage.  We give to them a “reality” that was invented by the opinions of the “modern” mind and by  whatever forces took control of our public schools.    These forces calumniate Columbus now, with accusations, deceptions,  anachronisms,  and downright lies.    Perhaps the modern mind is just mixed up.    It certainly has created a freaky story of its own concerning this man.

I hope the real story of Columbus is known, because this year I  won’t write about it.   I think, rather, the context of Columbus’s explorations may be helpful.   The Late Middle Ages and the Early Renaissance were years of invention that made exploration and the expansion of civilization possible.    The 1300s and the 1400s were years of creativity and invention and expanding learning.

The skies were studied.  The solar system was studied.  And the stars were studied.   Instruments were invented to measure the skies and mathematics and map-making skills were increased.     At the forefront of intellectual discovery were the monks – Catholic monks  in their monasteries – with the encouragement and approval of the Church –  they studied the stars and the movement of the planets around the sun.   It was well-known that the earth was like a globe.    I shudder whenever I read that “in the Middle Ages people believed the earth was flat and they would fall off if they traveled too far.”     Consider the source of that.   Consider the anti-Christian source of that silly statement.  And then consider these modern times of ignorance and uneducated masses that provide a ready audience for that idea.

During the time of Columbus, Europe traded with the Far East.   Commercial interests expanded the trading world and brought home details for the sciences to work with.   Marco Polo’s travels excited the minds of the Middle Ages.    Fantastic (and mysterious)  travel stories of Sir John Mandeville in the 1300s spoke of “the roundness of God’s earth”  and  increased the curiosity of that age.  Within a hundred years,   the circumference of the earth was figured out, by Toscanelli of Florence, Italy, among others.     I need not make this longer by reporting many more names and achievements,  but Christendom was intellectually prepared when Columbus set sail.

The question is why did Columbus feel compelled to travel westward, when the best trade, the most lucrative and certain commercial contacts were to the East?

It was simply because with another surge of Islam,  the Muslim warriors had cut off the trade routes that Europe used to get to India and China.

Islam.  Stopped.   Christian.  Trade.  With.  The.  Eastern.  World.

There were economic pressures that motivated the rulers of the Western World, and there were religious motivations too.   If there should be any people who did not know of Christ, then Europe was duty-bound to obey the Great Commission:  “Go out into all the world…and make disciples of all the nations….”

Christopher Columbus was  not the first European to travel to the Americas.    But – in his times –  his explorations summed up the best and brightest mind and character and motivation of the Western World.     He intended to serve the king and queen who could finance his explorations by finding for them a new trade route.   He intended to serve his God by bringing to any new people a knowledge of the One True Real God.     He has been rightly honored.

That his crews came from the “scum” of the Middle Ages and could scarcely be controlled when they came to land is also a fact of history – but why not aspire to greater things by the good example of their captain?      At least for one day of the year.





(A 2-letter word); A 3-letter word; (AND A 4-LETTER WORD)

October 13, 2014

My 2-letter word was “oh” – doubled.   Oh, oh.   Things are getting pretty serious out there.

My 3-letter word was Wow!  — the experience of wonder and amazement that is available to all of us,   part of the texture of our human experience.
I’ve written about my 4-letter word many times, but my notes hardly ever make it to the computer keyboard.   Now I’m just writing from my “head” and my “head” has been affected by the last two sobering posts.

So now, I have to begin with a foundation, so to speak:   The classic definition of Truth is “the adequation of the mind to reality.”   If that has never been taught to you, and if you have never spent time internalizing that statement and maturing into it,  then it might be difficult to  gain anything from my 4-letter word —   which is “real.”

Well, in case you haven’t studied this before,  I can take you one step further.   Adequation means, like,  “correspondence.”   Not a perfect synonym, but helpful:   Adequation is the correspondence between your intellect and an object  (not necessarily a material, physical object, of course.)

So,  Truth is the correspondence of intellect and object;  the adequation of mind to reality.   There is something “real” out there and your mind can know it!
I’m not a philosopher, and that’s not the direction I want to go.   That there is reality and that objective reality is real is something that has been demonstrated to me well enough.

Whether we can philosophize about it or not,  we all experience reality – and it’s not what we make it to be,  it’s what we bump into, all the time!    As a matter of fact, it’s hard for the untrained mind (like mine) to describe a real experience.

A few days ago I experienced something surprisingly real.   I had just written some posts about the Finding of the True Cross.   It was interesting to do some research into it, and it was satisfying to realize that the Cross was real,  the crucifixion of Christ was a real event,  and Christ Jesus Himself is real and was really here on earth for a while.

That must have been in the back of my mind because during the Christian sacrifice called the Mass which brings us into communion with the reality of that salvific act on the (real) cross,  the “real-ness” of it all pierced right into me with a sweet, sharp clarity.

“Omigosh!    Death, sacrifice, and offering of Jesus of Himself to His Father – real!”

“Jesus really did call and ordain some men to re-create this reality!”

“Internal, spiritual communion with Jesus is real thing!”

“All that the Church has taught and all that the  Christians have known through the centuries  –  is all real!”
There’s my 4-letter word:  Real.  Real.  Real.  Real.

An experience is not “a matter of opinion.”   A momentary illusion.   It is evidence “of things unseen” — our Faith.   This is personbal evidence that has been experienced by many, many, many others.     There is no doubt.  It is real, and it is as the Church teaches.     We are surrounded by the oh-oh’s of this present dangerous world;  we are made happy by the Wow! of this world;  and we can be comforted by the Real things of this world.

What a full rich life we humans are given!


October 13, 2014

I had previously inadvertently used a photo here that is under copyright;  I apologize to the artist, it was a lovely picture of our flag with a stanza of America the Beautiful  conveniently and artistically placed.   I guess we all have an image of our flag in our imaginations.     In an abundance of caution,  I remove the photo,  but I will still giver her the credit.  I’m sure her Website is worth looking at.

The image you have used here…America The Beautiful is registered to me with the US Copyright office. Your use here is unauthorized. Please give full credit and a link to my image here: or remove it. Thank you. Sharon Cummings

bar dissolve er




Yesterday’s post was a little odd,  I let someone else do the writing.      He did it so well:  “the disappearance of America”;  “the united states is over….”

I don’t know;  is it over?   Can the United States be recovered?   Can America rise again?   Anything is possible.   Consider this sheet of music:

amer the beaut songsheet

This is the music that American schoolchildren used to know.  This is the music that schoolteachers used to teach their children, and then the children would stand up in rows at programs and sing out this song to the audience, and everyone would know it, and appreciate it, and believe it.     Really.  I’m so old that I’ve seen it done!

So, again,  consider.   Imagine a lovely scene somewhere in our country, farmlands, meadows,  beautiful forests,  a nice river, a small town, a small bustling city.   Imagine this song being hummed in the background.   Imagine someone says,  “Well, what is America?”  What does America stand for?”

And now you get to answer those questions.

With that music humming in the background.

Try to tamp down the cries of racist!  capitalist!  imperialist!   greedy!   oppressive!   destructive!   sexist!   —  I must have forgotten a few.   As you hear in your mind the humming of America the Beautiful,  try not to think about what you see on television, in the movies and videos imposed on us,  the advertisements,  what you hear in political ads,  the nightly news-entertainment programs.    What you read in our children’s textbooks.

I don’t know what you’re supposed to conclude.   There’s no exact answer here.


Abram leaving

As America may be at its very end,  Abram was the man at the very beginning of the Jewish nation.

Abram, a man chosen to be the father of a great nation.     Abram,  the man with some flocks, some servants, and one barren wife — and his faith.     God had led him to a special land, often called The Promised Land, and God had promised he would have many, many descendants.

Good land for a good future family.

Then God stopped communicating for a while.  And then a life-threatening famine struck that promised land.   Abram took his little entourage down to Egypt which always seemed to be prosperous.       Tricky, sticky, enticing,  wealthy Egypt.    Many get ensnared with its riches.    Abram soon learned it was not supposed to be the land for his family and all his descendants.

But why the great famine?   It was a lesson given to Abram, and to us.   The Promised Land was not a promise of material wealth, nor of safety, strength, and prosperity of the future nation.   The material land will fail at times, and some day there will be no more Jewish kingdom.   The Promise was not about  national prosperity, but about spiritual salvation and spiritual riches.    Nations will rise and fall, but spiritual riches are for eternity.   That is the great blessing which God said Abraham would bring to the whole human race.


There is much about America that is worth fighting for.   We should never give up while there is reason to still defend her and build her up.    There is much goodness in her, if we had the strength and willpower to make that good manifest to all.

We may be the individuals alive today to see America recover.   Or maybe not.   This earth is not our permanent home, but our testing ground, and so as tragic as it would be if our nation disappeared from history,   as life-changing as it would be for us,  the longer, larger view is that there is always a maybe/maybe not, and life will go on.

In a Jewish  cemetery in Newport, Rhode Island, I would imagine,   is a poem on a tombstone.   Long ago I had copied the poem, and during this time of dis-assembling and re-assembling my house, I came across it again.   I’ll copy here just the last stanza that had caught my attention years ago.

But ah! what once has been shall be no more!

The groaning earth in travail and pain

Brings forth its races, but does not restore,

And dead nations never rise again.

A suitable and horribly sad epitaph.

With the tune of America the Beautiful humming softly in the background,  I wish the poem does not speak of us.   I want to hear the answer to those questions:   “Well, what is America?”  What does America stand for?”  

The U.S. Is Over, Get Used To It

October 11, 2014

The U.S. Is Over, Get Used To It.


The above link is a post NOT written by me;  nevertheless it expresses much of what I write on Tuesdays here. 

Also, I was “experimenting”  with the inner-blog-to-blog controls.   Much thanks to the Creative Minority Report for making this available.



October 11, 2014

There was something different in the Spruce Tunnel today:


I haven’t forgotten to get to the “4-letter word”  in my posting here,    but after those last two, I needed a break.  I needed to get some grounding  today,  so I went out to the “real”  Spruce Tunnel to quiet my thoughts in a familiar place.

As soon as I drove into the park,  I could see something was going to be different.

SAMSUNGInstead of a quiet walk under the cool, dark giant  spruce trees,  I could see that sunlight!  and yellow!  were going to be dominant.  Here, the yellow maple announces its dominance over the Spruce Tunnel.

I began my walk down the pathway —


—  but the pathway, this time, led to shining yellow sunlight.      I wasn’t going to get my quiet, thoughtful walk through the dark Tunnel.

SAMSUNGI passed  the familiar mossy tree trunk, but it was guarded by yellow leaves.    Mostly I just looked upwards, 30, 40, 50,  75 feet up into the air.


Good thing my ankles are strong because I kept walking off the pathway.     The whole Spruce Tunnel looked – different.

The forest of giants was filled with yellow air.



I stood close up, right under the yellow.


The yellow maples had just about overcome the giant spruce trees.   They were still there –


Towering above even the tall maples,  the giant spruce are there, waiting for the colors to pass.

Change of seasons!   Color!   Football!         Cider and Donuts!    Cool, crisp air!       It’s hard to be somber and thoughtful in the Fall in the Far North.

And it’s going to get “worse” !


The trees are beginning to change from yellow to red!


It’s going to be very hard to take this beautiful world for granted for a while.

Deo gratias.

(A 2-letter word); A 3-LETTER WORD; (and a 4-letter word)

October 9, 2014

A 3-letter word now.  After the last post, you’d think it would  be Woe! Woe!  Woe!    — but, no.   The word I had in mind is:


I learned this word from my grandson, actually, when he was about a year and a half.    He had been taught Sign Language to help him over the toddler-type frustration of not being able to talk as fast as he could think,  but the words soon came quickly and easily, and Wow!   was one of his favorite.

He was in my car one time, we were stopped at a traffic light  . . .

fire engine

. . . and   whoosh!    —  a fire truck screamed by, red flashing lights and sirens blaring.    Cooper’s comment was a heartfelt:  “Wow!”

Me too.   That taught me a lot about really experiencing the moment — and enjoying the experience.   Even at my age!

So just a couple weeks ago,  I was watching my Bears play on television.  I was alone, but I knew Son had probably turned on the game at his house after he came home from work.   The Bears played well,  and in the fourth quarter  spectacularly well.  They won with an amazing series of really good moves, and after the game, I sent a heartfelt text to my Son that said:   “Wow!  Wow!  Wow!”

I didn’t know that Son had gone to bed before the game ended, during the not-so-exciting first half, so when he got my text the  next morning, out of context,  he had no idea what I was referring to.

That reminded me of two things about Wow.  .   “Wow!”  is an individual feeling.   It’s great if two people are equally wowed by something  and in the same way,  but that rarely happens.  The most your friend will give you is an indulgent smile.   But even though it’s a personal, individual feeling,  it’s still real and we can still fully experience that Wow!

And Wow!  is a deep, deep feeling, deep down into your real self,  deep beyond words.    We’re “on guard” a lot, watching ourselves in  public,  tamping down our emotions, fitting in, “other-directed” rather than “self-directed.”         But allowing ourselves to experience a Wow!  moment breaks through, down to who we know ourselves to be, down to where we’re all right, we’re valued and deserving of a share in God’s beautiful, surprising, wonderful world.

“The heavens show forth the glory of God, and the firmament declares the work of his hands. . . “      Mountain lakes and ocean surfs, autumn leaves,   baby faces,  the fuzz of a caterpillar,;  sunsets, the Milky Way, and Blood moons!

It can be natural “wows” or man-made “wows”    (like football games or firetrucks)   but they all take eyes to see and willingness to be vulnerable to things around us that might touch us deeply in some way.     Openness and willingness.   Pick a little thing and let the Wow come in.


I know we can use Wow!  for some very bad things too —      “Wow, that was a really bad car accident.”   “Wow, that earthquake (hurricane/volcano/sinkhole)  did a lot of damage!”   “Wow, we’re really at war now.”   “Wow,  they really dropped the ball on that one.”     — but that’s a different kind of “wow.”  I think we need a different word for those superlatively bad times.    

“Oy, vey!”     comes to mind — but then that’s just a Yiddish  translation of      “Oh, woe!”





A 2-LETTER WORD; (a 3-letter word; and a 4-letter word)

October 9, 2014

steam man

I’m experiencing a mild form of injustice today.   When this  happened in the past, some have suggested this is really a subtle form of persecution,  but I can handle that.  I can’t handle it on behalf of my friends, however,  so with the resulting “steam energy”  blowing out of my ears,  I’ll write that little series I’ve been thinking of,  that requires so much “energy” from out of me.

A two-letter word; a three letter word;  a four letter word.

First,  the two letter word that I’ve been thinking about for a while:    “oh.”        Used twice as in oh-oh.

For the past month,  the news stories I’ve been reading seem to have bumped up a notch in seriousness.  A turn has been made.   A point has been reached.  We’re in new and dangerous territory now on many fronts.

Just . . .   as you read news stories for yourself, see if the disconnect from commonsense isn’t a little more blatant, a little more in your face.  As the funny guys on  Red Eye Radio overnight say,  “They’re not even trying!”   That’s a funny line;  but what does that really mean?     Why aren’t they trying?   Why don’t they even have to work hard to fool us anymore?

Often, in one sentence,  the “information” offered to us is self-contradictory, and the resultant cognitive dissonance paralyzes our thoughts and actions.  We tell ourselves, they can’t be so stupid; I must have misheard.


One example from a news briefing:    (Quote)  “If this nation were to prevent people from ebola-stricken countries from coming  into our country,  then that would mean that we can’t get our aid to them and it will just make matters worse.”

Think about that.   If we prevent people from some countries from coming in,  as other nations have already done,  that means WE can’t get OUT of our own country.

That was said in front of cameras with a straight face – and no one questioned the illogic.

Oh-oh –  does it not even matter?

A new brief announcement today:  1 in 68 children develop autism  after they are born.

But children continue to be injected with antifreeze  (best left in your car); and aluminum  (a neuro-toxin;  i.e.,   brain tissue toxin);  injected with formaldehyde,  a life-killing agent; mercury, another brain tissue killer;  and injections are sweetened with sucrose and aspartame (another powerful neuro-toxin) — do your blood veins have taste buds?

Autism is brain injury.

Here is another  oh-oh that gets worse each day:


If your house is marked with this,  then you are marked for death.

The Sunni group ISIS is now overtaking Kabani and is in a position to threaten Baghdad.    Non-Muslims are crucified, cut in half, beheaded, buried alive . . .   and the West says nothing about “crimes against humanity.”      Well, there are Sunnis all over Washington D.C.  )      The centuries-old  Islamic Caliphate is winning over territory — winning, winning, winning, with brutal and murderous tactics, just like in centuries past, when Africa used to be a major hub of Christianity — before they got wiped out by Islam.

And the Middle East.  And all the Byzantine Empire.   And almost Europe.

Courageous resolve,  prayers for heavenly aid, and military campaigns have prevented the loss of Europe in the past,  but now we have a loss of resolve, prayers, and military strength.   (Did I say anywhere that it is “all”  muslims?    Of course, not.  But that is supposed to be the accusation that stops all intelligent discussion.)

Oh-oh.  Iron lungs in the 1950s:

iron lungs

The polio-like virus that was endemic to Central America, crippling and killing people there, has now been imported into the United States by  active promotion and with  our tax dollars given to those who help foreigners come into our country in  large and unsustainable numbers.   They are foreigners of all ages and they did not obtain legal entry.   They are also carrying diseases to us, including this one that is killing children.  Our Rulers tell the news media to call it a “mystery disease”   but it really isn’t a mystery.  It is the well-known EV D-68, and it had been found mainly in Central America.    Until this summer.

My grandson is likely exposed to children from those Central American countries.

I can’t say “oh-oh”  enough.

Norwegian reindeer are testing positive for large amounts of radiation from Japan,   that ongoing and life-threatening disaster that continues to rain down radiation on all of us.     No worries though.  Our rulers have just increased the amount of radiation that we get by 27,000 times what the limit used to be.    The Pacific ocean is . . . .   The poor starfish…   the poor sea lions….   the poor caribou and polar bears…    the poor diseased salmon….

Well, do you think an obscure reindeer herd is the only type of biological entity getting harmed by radiation from Fukushima?

You can continue on with your own list of oh-ohs.

In the field of health?
Medical experts are saying the spread of ebola is “out of control.”   Desperate eyewitnesses in Africa are saying “this is not the usual ebola” . . . .

Real-Unemployment figures show about 23% of working age Americans are out of work.   And the number of people taking from us exceeds the number of people who are earning money.

Financial indebtedness of nations is anywhere from 13 to 27 times the total amount of wealth in the whole world!    Figures vary.   Some are higher.  No one knows how to count this,  no one  knows what to do,  no one knows what is soon going to happen.

Education and the future of our country?
American children know less than many Third World countries.   They have been successfully dehumanized, disconnected from their past, and dumbed-down to just about animal levels of thinking – according to plan.   (See quotes by John Dewey, et al.)  (I’m a former public schoolteacher and I witnessed what was done to our children — and the steam is starting to come out of my ears again…)

The Church is having a “synod” right now which will probably overturn the Church’s own teaching – in practice.     Yet in a feat of doublespeak,  successfully used in other arenas,  they will say “doctrine can’t be changed”  just “how we apply it.”    Official Christianity  seems to be descending into a state of apostasy.    As prophesied.

Things to think about.
There is no end to my list of oh-ohs — stories all bumped up a notch in seriousness.   My three letter word has a much shorter list,  but it’s a happier word.






October 7, 2014

It’s still Tuesday here at the Spruce Tunnel,  the day we’ve been paying a cynical “tribute”  to our Rulers who placed their man in our wh  it eh ou se.   You know.    I keep wanting to stop these Tuesday Tributes,  but then I keep bursting with things to say – most of which I won’t . . . .

So, I’m looking to Penn’s Sylvania this time, “Penn’s Woods,”   with  a quote from the man,  William Penn, and a few questions for us.   The state of Pennsylvania has a lovely history, so hopeful at the time of its origin.    The principles which set this state “in motion” are as rich and beautiful and bounteous as the wooded land that was given to William Penn to own and to develop.

Indeed, principles can be rich in meaning;  they can be beautiful as they bring out the best in human nature when the principles are honored and followed; and principles can be bountiful, seminal in their insights, carrying seeds of healthy, future development.

Here’s the quote from William Penn:

God or Tyrants rule

So, do we know what principles inspired the colonists of Pennsylvania?   What aspirations?  What high ideals?

Because a venal, uninspired,  self-serving, corrupt,  and immoral people cannot sustain for very long a viable colony — or nation.

William Penn and others like him worked to found our nation, back in the 18th century.     They founded our nation on universal and everlasting principles,  described and formulated by what we call Natural Law,  and giving to Americans both freedom to pursue the best lives we can for ourselves and the responsibility to preserve that freedom for future generations.

Those “high ideals”  were not a Magic Wand to instantly right every wrong,  and those high ideals and principles were not meant to be a Stick to beat ourselves with when we find places where we need to change.

The principles derived from Natural Law were meant to give us guidance . . . .

Oh.   Such guidance was overturned, wasn’t it, in the middle of the 20th century?  The Sixty-Eighters.   The ones who adopted  progressivism and Marxism and taking things away from those who work and giving it to people who don’t, and sex-drugs-and rock-and-roll and if-it-feels-good-do-it and NO-ONE can stop you and GIMME my fair share!

And their children’s generation seemed to be confused.  In general.    For forty years there didn’t seem to be any guidance, any principles, any purpose.    But the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of these “Sixty-Eighters” —    they seem to want a better country than they’ve been handed.    We could help them find it.    We could stop living as though Woodstock (and all  it represents)  were a great cultural event to be proud of.

But we’ve got to sort out our true and complete American history from what the progressives-etc. are telling us is our history.    There are some pretty good books being published now,  but you won’t find them in our schools or colleges or universities.     We’ve got to be curious enough on our own.

If we don’t re-discover who we really are as a nation,  then we will have more repetitions of 11-06-12   — and I’ll never be able to stop  these Tributes to Tuesdays!




October 6, 2014

First of all, a message to my friend in Texas:


It’s a real pleasure to watch the Redskins this year, especially with our Kirk Cousins at QB.


I know he’s young but he did all right for us! Hope you grow to like him, even after RGIII returns to the game.

MSU in action:


It’s that time of the year.    It’s that time of the year when the world’s temporary  pleasures call my attention down from  important and eternal things.

St. Francis de Borgia sits ever heavy on my shoulders, leading me to imbalance, teaching me that one cannot live with the world and heaven in equal proportions.  I know that.

St Francis Borgia and skull

He might seem like a very severe and stern saint to choose to listen to in this modern age of pleasure seeking, but, really,  he only wanted to always do what is exactly right and pleasing to his Lord Jesus.    Since I would like that too,  I listen to him, learning from his life and his example.  He was a good man and a good teacher.

And besides,  in his younger life,  he started out really liking ball games!  I shall deal with football in my life — as he did.

Which brings me to the bright red jaguar.

red jag

I had a really strange encounter on Sunday morning, with a man and his bright red jaguar.    Believe me, that photo does not do it justice.   Seen in person and close up,  that car is a work of art!

This car was parked right across the street from mine on Sunday, after “church,” and the man who owned that car and I arrived at our parked cars   right at the same time.   Since I could not drag my eyes away from his car, I gave him time to notice me staring at his car.   I said something, like, “That’s a real beauty.”    And I meant it.

But he has apparently dealt with his beautiful car before, and on another level.   He said thanks,  but he went on to explain that he knows how expensive it is, what a luxury, what an indulgence,  but he said, “I donate lots of money to places like Haiti. . . .”    putting his purchase, I suppose, in context.

I don’t mind at all that he has lots of money for big donations to poor people in Haiti and still have enough left over to buy a beautiful jag.   I didn’t doubt his generosity at all.    Then, since he had mentioned Haiti,  he opened his gray sports coat and pointed to his beautiful black sweater and said it  cost   $xxx   (but I don’t hardly believe a sweater could cost that much!)  and he said he knows that is more than most people in Haiti make in a year, but . . . .    I’m not sure what he said next, but since I didn’t find any fault with him at all,  I agreed that God had been very good to him in material things and although it’s a good thing to share with the Haitians,  I also assured him that God has given Americans a different set of challenges.    He seemed to understand what I meant.

Nah….  I didn’t sound all schoolmarmy  like that  —   it was a natural and very short conversation.   I thought about that conversation all the way home on Sunday – and beyond, apparently.

I’ve just begun to make big changes in the house I live in.    I didn’t realize how shabby it had become after 40 years of neglect.   Well, I knew it was old and shabby,  but I didn’t know how bad that was.  And now I have to put a lot of money into my house,  more money, of course, than a typical Haitian makes in a year.

I suspect, like many of you,  I don’t worry about staying warm this winter or where my clean water will come from.   I’m grateful for all of that,  for a safe house and for a reliable car, even though it cost one-fifth of that red jaguar!    I do have material riches, relatively speaking,  but there are other, very serious, challenges to sort out.

And that’s where St. Francis de Borgia returns.    Wealthy, handsome, noble son of Spain — he had everything this world could offer, and he knew that nothing this world could offer was of lasting value.

For a human being,  for a created creature, nothing is more important than the Two Great Commandments:   Love the Lord your God (your Creator) with all you heart and mind and strength;  and love your neighbor as yourself.

Material wealth is immaterial.   In a hundred years, we will all know what was important here on earth.


October 4, 2014


A good Yom Kippur to my Jewish friends and family.


May your name be written in the Book of Life.


May every human know that there  is  a Book of Life. . . .


Deo gratias.