It’s been five days since I posted?  No, six?    It’s been six days of extreme Sleep Deprivation due to the most happy circumstances.

And meanwhile,  everything has become beautiful   — even the cracks of the sidewalks!


At the center of this busy weekend was a trip to church on Sunday morning, and I remembered to take my camera with me.  So many beautiful photos, but I’ll show just a very few:


“It” begins/ Fall begins.   The end of the year is beginning with  golden yellow colors this year.   This is on the campus of our Big Ten university, and yellow seems to be the color of choice.

Passing our minor league baseball stadium:


The yellows vary in intensity depending upon the direction of the sunlight competing with the colors.

At last, I arrived at church…somewhere behind those yellow leaves:


You didn’t have to wear yellow to go inside, though, as long as you were colorful!   —


Fall begins with  beautiful yellows this year, but it is only beginning here in the Far North.

But for Full Disclosure, our leaves are only half changed:


One side yellow, one side green.

It’s only the first half of the beginning of the end (of the year).     I hope I find some reds and oranges too.

More on this past weekend next post.   It was my birthday.    It’s a beautiful time of my life,  but it, too, is the beginning of the end….  Or maybe I’m only halfway into the ending.




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