What do you do when your birthday falls on a beautiful sunny weekend of football games, homecoming, and your California family comes to visit?   You invite an honorary Spartan and  hold a Tailgate Birthday Party!!!!


What fun this weekend!!       Croquet.    Balloon volley ball.    Front yard football.    Family, friends, and neighbors.

The balloons were ready.


The Little One  helped with the decorations:  “Grrrrrrma!  Can I decorate your car?”


We had a genuine tailgate, opened and ready to fill with sloppy joes and pulled pork sandwiches.


The tables were all set.


The birthday cakes were ready.


I’m pretty sure the first five ingredients of each cake were “sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar, and sugar.”     And next came lemon and chocolate!

And the Little One found more snacks .


After all,  it’s okay to be a Bears fan in Spartan country.

A beautiful gift from a talented neighbor,  pulled out of their backyard.   It was hard to get a picture that shows the artistic elements of balance and harmony.   I wish you could see the beautiful ceramic vase.   Thank you, my friend!


And the gift that will last for many winters!  —


Thick and warm and cozy, cuddly Bears blanket!     Thank you, Son!

I give thanks to God for bringing me through a very exhausting year and opening up another year for me.  I thank God for allowing me to be in better shape now than I was twelve months ago.   And I look forward to showing my gratitude to God in whatever time I have ahead.

Can’t wait to see what new things there will be!

Deo gratias.

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