It’s still Tuesday here at the Spruce Tunnel,  the day we’ve been paying a cynical “tribute”  to our Rulers who placed their man in our wh  it eh ou se.   You know.    I keep wanting to stop these Tuesday Tributes,  but then I keep bursting with things to say – most of which I won’t . . . .

So, I’m looking to Penn’s Sylvania this time, “Penn’s Woods,”   with  a quote from the man,  William Penn, and a few questions for us.   The state of Pennsylvania has a lovely history, so hopeful at the time of its origin.    The principles which set this state “in motion” are as rich and beautiful and bounteous as the wooded land that was given to William Penn to own and to develop.

Indeed, principles can be rich in meaning;  they can be beautiful as they bring out the best in human nature when the principles are honored and followed; and principles can be bountiful, seminal in their insights, carrying seeds of healthy, future development.

Here’s the quote from William Penn:

God or Tyrants rule

So, do we know what principles inspired the colonists of Pennsylvania?   What aspirations?  What high ideals?

Because a venal, uninspired,  self-serving, corrupt,  and immoral people cannot sustain for very long a viable colony — or nation.

William Penn and others like him worked to found our nation, back in the 18th century.     They founded our nation on universal and everlasting principles,  described and formulated by what we call Natural Law,  and giving to Americans both freedom to pursue the best lives we can for ourselves and the responsibility to preserve that freedom for future generations.

Those “high ideals”  were not a Magic Wand to instantly right every wrong,  and those high ideals and principles were not meant to be a Stick to beat ourselves with when we find places where we need to change.

The principles derived from Natural Law were meant to give us guidance . . . .

Oh.   Such guidance was overturned, wasn’t it, in the middle of the 20th century?  The Sixty-Eighters.   The ones who adopted  progressivism and Marxism and taking things away from those who work and giving it to people who don’t, and sex-drugs-and rock-and-roll and if-it-feels-good-do-it and NO-ONE can stop you and GIMME my fair share!

And their children’s generation seemed to be confused.  In general.    For forty years there didn’t seem to be any guidance, any principles, any purpose.    But the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of these “Sixty-Eighters” —    they seem to want a better country than they’ve been handed.    We could help them find it.    We could stop living as though Woodstock (and all  it represents)  were a great cultural event to be proud of.

But we’ve got to sort out our true and complete American history from what the progressives-etc. are telling us is our history.    There are some pretty good books being published now,  but you won’t find them in our schools or colleges or universities.     We’ve got to be curious enough on our own.

If we don’t re-discover who we really are as a nation,  then we will have more repetitions of 11-06-12   — and I’ll never be able to stop  these Tributes to Tuesdays!



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