A 2-LETTER WORD; (a 3-letter word; and a 4-letter word)

steam man

I’m experiencing a mild form of injustice today.   When this  happened in the past, some have suggested this is really a subtle form of persecution,  but I can handle that.  I can’t handle it on behalf of my friends, however,  so with the resulting “steam energy”  blowing out of my ears,  I’ll write that little series I’ve been thinking of,  that requires so much “energy” from out of me.

A two-letter word; a three letter word;  a four letter word.

First,  the two letter word that I’ve been thinking about for a while:    “oh.”        Used twice as in oh-oh.

For the past month,  the news stories I’ve been reading seem to have bumped up a notch in seriousness.  A turn has been made.   A point has been reached.  We’re in new and dangerous territory now on many fronts.

Just . . .   as you read news stories for yourself, see if the disconnect from commonsense isn’t a little more blatant, a little more in your face.  As the funny guys on  Red Eye Radio overnight say,  “They’re not even trying!”   That’s a funny line;  but what does that really mean?     Why aren’t they trying?   Why don’t they even have to work hard to fool us anymore?

Often, in one sentence,  the “information” offered to us is self-contradictory, and the resultant cognitive dissonance paralyzes our thoughts and actions.  We tell ourselves, they can’t be so stupid; I must have misheard.


One example from a news briefing:    (Quote)  “If this nation were to prevent people from ebola-stricken countries from coming  into our country,  then that would mean that we can’t get our aid to them and it will just make matters worse.”

Think about that.   If we prevent people from some countries from coming in,  as other nations have already done,  that means WE can’t get OUT of our own country.

That was said in front of cameras with a straight face – and no one questioned the illogic.

Oh-oh –  does it not even matter?

A new brief announcement today:  1 in 68 children develop autism  after they are born.

But children continue to be injected with antifreeze  (best left in your car); and aluminum  (a neuro-toxin;  i.e.,   brain tissue toxin);  injected with formaldehyde,  a life-killing agent; mercury, another brain tissue killer;  and injections are sweetened with sucrose and aspartame (another powerful neuro-toxin) — do your blood veins have taste buds?

Autism is brain injury.

Here is another  oh-oh that gets worse each day:


If your house is marked with this,  then you are marked for death.

The Sunni group ISIS is now overtaking Kabani and is in a position to threaten Baghdad.    Non-Muslims are crucified, cut in half, beheaded, buried alive . . .   and the West says nothing about “crimes against humanity.”      Well, there are Sunnis all over Washington D.C.  )      The centuries-old  Islamic Caliphate is winning over territory — winning, winning, winning, with brutal and murderous tactics, just like in centuries past, when Africa used to be a major hub of Christianity — before they got wiped out by Islam.

And the Middle East.  And all the Byzantine Empire.   And almost Europe.

Courageous resolve,  prayers for heavenly aid, and military campaigns have prevented the loss of Europe in the past,  but now we have a loss of resolve, prayers, and military strength.   (Did I say anywhere that it is “all”  muslims?    Of course, not.  But that is supposed to be the accusation that stops all intelligent discussion.)

Oh-oh.  Iron lungs in the 1950s:

iron lungs

The polio-like virus that was endemic to Central America, crippling and killing people there, has now been imported into the United States by  active promotion and with  our tax dollars given to those who help foreigners come into our country in  large and unsustainable numbers.   They are foreigners of all ages and they did not obtain legal entry.   They are also carrying diseases to us, including this one that is killing children.  Our Rulers tell the news media to call it a “mystery disease”   but it really isn’t a mystery.  It is the well-known EV D-68, and it had been found mainly in Central America.    Until this summer.

My grandson is likely exposed to children from those Central American countries.

I can’t say “oh-oh”  enough.

Norwegian reindeer are testing positive for large amounts of radiation from Japan,   that ongoing and life-threatening disaster that continues to rain down radiation on all of us.     No worries though.  Our rulers have just increased the amount of radiation that we get by 27,000 times what the limit used to be.    The Pacific ocean is . . . .   The poor starfish…   the poor sea lions….   the poor caribou and polar bears…    the poor diseased salmon….

Well, do you think an obscure reindeer herd is the only type of biological entity getting harmed by radiation from Fukushima?

You can continue on with your own list of oh-ohs.

In the field of health?
Medical experts are saying the spread of ebola is “out of control.”   Desperate eyewitnesses in Africa are saying “this is not the usual ebola” . . . .

Real-Unemployment figures show about 23% of working age Americans are out of work.   And the number of people taking from us exceeds the number of people who are earning money.

Financial indebtedness of nations is anywhere from 13 to 27 times the total amount of wealth in the whole world!    Figures vary.   Some are higher.  No one knows how to count this,  no one  knows what to do,  no one knows what is soon going to happen.

Education and the future of our country?
American children know less than many Third World countries.   They have been successfully dehumanized, disconnected from their past, and dumbed-down to just about animal levels of thinking – according to plan.   (See quotes by John Dewey, et al.)  (I’m a former public schoolteacher and I witnessed what was done to our children — and the steam is starting to come out of my ears again…)

The Church is having a “synod” right now which will probably overturn the Church’s own teaching – in practice.     Yet in a feat of doublespeak,  successfully used in other arenas,  they will say “doctrine can’t be changed”  just “how we apply it.”    Official Christianity  seems to be descending into a state of apostasy.    As prophesied.

Things to think about.
There is no end to my list of oh-ohs — stories all bumped up a notch in seriousness.   My three letter word has a much shorter list,  but it’s a happier word.





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