There was something different in the Spruce Tunnel today:


I haven’t forgotten to get to the “4-letter word”  in my posting here,    but after those last two, I needed a break.  I needed to get some grounding  today,  so I went out to the “real”  Spruce Tunnel to quiet my thoughts in a familiar place.

As soon as I drove into the park,  I could see something was going to be different.

SAMSUNGInstead of a quiet walk under the cool, dark giant  spruce trees,  I could see that sunlight!  and yellow!  were going to be dominant.  Here, the yellow maple announces its dominance over the Spruce Tunnel.

I began my walk down the pathway —


—  but the pathway, this time, led to shining yellow sunlight.      I wasn’t going to get my quiet, thoughtful walk through the dark Tunnel.

SAMSUNGI passed  the familiar mossy tree trunk, but it was guarded by yellow leaves.    Mostly I just looked upwards, 30, 40, 50,  75 feet up into the air.


Good thing my ankles are strong because I kept walking off the pathway.     The whole Spruce Tunnel looked – different.

The forest of giants was filled with yellow air.



I stood close up, right under the yellow.


The yellow maples had just about overcome the giant spruce trees.   They were still there –


Towering above even the tall maples,  the giant spruce are there, waiting for the colors to pass.

Change of seasons!   Color!   Football!         Cider and Donuts!    Cool, crisp air!       It’s hard to be somber and thoughtful in the Fall in the Far North.

And it’s going to get “worse” !


The trees are beginning to change from yellow to red!


It’s going to be very hard to take this beautiful world for granted for a while.

Deo gratias.

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